My 8 fave black and white music videos of 2016


There’s something about a black and white music video that I’ve always loved. Over the years there have been so many. My favourites have included Ed Sheeran‘s ‘The A Team’, One Direction‘s ‘Perfect’ and N*Sync‘s ‘Gone’ to name a few. 2016 has been yet another year filled with similar captivating videos and now, Olly Murs has just joined the list with his new track ‘Years And Years‘.

This is the follow-up track to his recent releases ‘Grow Up’ and ‘You Don’t Know Love’ (which was also a black and white video) from his latest album 24HRS which became his fourth consecutive number one album! This making him the most successful X Factor solo artist that has come from the show. Nice one Olly! Having had 10 million records sales since his debut album in 2010 and four number 1 singles, I’m pretty sure that this latest offering will be a top 10 hit,

Speaking about the single recently in an interview on This Morning, he said, “I imagine this is a song I’ll sing to my wife”. OMG, how romantic is that?! Olly if you’re looking to settle down, I’m sure there’s plenty of us that’ll be more than willing to oblige. Myself included. Just saying.

olly murs years & years
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I’ve probably got more chance winning the lottery than becoming Olly’s wife but one can dream, right? So anyway like I was saying, 2016 has given us some pretty awesome black and white videos. Here are the other 7 that have made the list of my favourites:

James Arthur


Selena Gomez

Fifth Harmony



Ellie Goulding

Don’t forget, Olly is touring next year so make sure you get your tickets for him here. And of course, you’ll want to download his latest awesome track ‘Years & Years’ from Itunes too from his amazing album 24HRS.


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