Bastille announce new album track list in the best way ever


‘Good Grief’, has it been THREE whole years since the release of their debut album ‘Bad Blood’? Even though Bastille have since released a series of hit singles such as ‘Pompeii’ and ‘Of The Night’ in the meantime, we can’t contain our excitement to hear some new material . In fact, some would say we were ‘Overjoyed’. Ok…ok enough with the Bastille title puns already!

Despite touring almost non-stop, the London four-piece have kept pretty tight-lipped about their upcoming album until now

On Monday morning, Bastille revealed their tracklist for their critically acclaimed album ‘Wild World’ in the most genius way ever.

bastille 2

We’re quite partial to a Snapchat geo filter here and there, whether it’s marking a famous landmark or a nearby event, who isn’t? Bastille have taken full advantage of this awesome image filter by creating their very own.


First of all, you needed to make sure you have Snapchat (which is the majority of us right?).  Then, make sure you add Bastille’s account if you haven’t already done so.


The names of each song on the new album are able to be found using geo filters around various locations around the world. Fans were then urged to take part using the hashtag #WildWorldReveal to track them down.

Some avid ‘Stormers’ were quick to compare this track list hunt to Pokémon Go but waaaaaaaay harder of course.

Here’s just a couple of people who got in on the #WildWorldReveal geo filter action.


Late Monday evening, the band revealed the full 19 tracks. Track 12 on the album is ‘Fake It’ which we included as part of our single awareness day back in June.

Although this Snapchat reveal seemed pretty epic , it appears as though it didn’t quite go to plan due to ‘boring logistics’ according to the band’s tweet to their 1.19M Twitter followers

‘Wild World’ is due to be released on September 9th, but you can pre-order it now on UK iTunes and U.S iTunes.

Did you take part in the #WildWorldReveal action? If you did then comment below and let us know how many you were able to find.

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