Ava Lily isn’t the only star to be discovered on YouTube


YouTube is one of the best ways to waste your precious time, watch and upload vlogs, or even stumble across people showcasing their talents. That’s exactly what rising star Ava Lily did.


Who is Ava Lily?

Ava is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Bristol, discovered by Naughty Boy after he heard her YouTube cover of Bonnie Rait’s ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’.



From Youtube to recording studio

After being snapped up by Naughty Boy she went into the studio to focus on new material, combining all her ideas she’s had over the years.


Ava Lily
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The result

Debut cut ‘Painkiller’ is the result of all her hard work. A combination of hip-hop beats and soulful vocals, we’ve got our eyes peeled for what’s yet to come.


Ava isn’t the first person to be noticed on YouTube, of course. We take a look at 5 other artists who were snapped up by record companies after their videos got noticed.


Justin Bieber

Probably definitely the most famous YouTube star of all time, Justin Bieber. Discovered ‘by accident’ after his now-manager Scooter Braun clicked on the video in error, he was quickly snapped up by Usher (though it was a close call between him and Justin Timberlake).


Austin Mahone


Ironically singing a Bieber cover, Austin was also signed up by a record label after seeing his various Youtube covers.

Shawn Mendes

Shawn began his singing career by was entering cover contests (similarly to our Biebs). Gaining his first group of followers on Vine, he soon gained further popularity after opening a show for Austin Mahone followed by joining Taylor Swift on her ‘1989’ tour.


5 Seconds Of Summer

Gaining the majority of their fandom on Facebook and Twitter, the band were finally noticed by a record company after their postings on YouTube.



So we’ve seen plenty of artists cover songs but nobody does it quite like these guys. The musical mashup they provide are insane and with two Grammys to their name, they’re obviously doing something very right

Download Ava Lily’s Painkiller on iTunes.


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