Artist Spotlight: Tinashe – The Underrated Queen of the Music Industry


Tinashe Jorgenson Kachingwe (most commonly known as Tinashe) has been in the entertainment industry for quite a while now. She was once part of a girl group and had stints on TV shows such as ‘Two and a Half Men’, and now she’s on the verge of becoming a full-fledged global pop star.

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Tinashe released her debut album ‘Aquarius’ back in 2014 to critical praise, with her single ‘2 On’ becoming her biggest hit to date. Subsequently, she started rising up the industry ranks. From supporting shows on Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj’s tour, performing on her own world tour, and also featuring on a song with the queen Britney Spears… Tinashe is the next big thing. So what are some qualities that Tinashe possesses?

Tinashe can bloody dance. Like really, really dance. Her new music video for ‘Company’ is the perfect example:

Tinashe has an array of music videos that show of her incredible dance skills, but she also has the music to back it. Tinashe’s music is genreless, which for fans is incredible – however, for the label-heavy music industry, commercial consumers may find it hard to understand her “sound.”

Tinashe has released one major label album and an array of mixtapes. ‘Aquarius’, her debut album, houses some incredible sounds, lyrics, and themes that may shock some for how young she was while recording the project. At 21, Tinashe addresses a corrupt government on her song ‘Cold Sweat’, talks about an ‘Indigo Child’ on the song of the same title, and brings a sensual vibe on songs such as ‘Feels Like Vegas’. The project has a very chilled vibe with hints of colour popping in on certain tracks, telling stories that Tinashe co-wrote and on some interludes produced.

The real magic, however, comes when Tinashe is set free on the stage. Tinashe is an incredibly sharp performer, blending both heavy choreography with a voice that can ride a soft beat and also soar on a stripped-down instrumental beat.

Tinashe’s latest project ‘Nightride‘ is her most cohesive to date and sees Tinashe blend both sounds from her earlier mixtape and a more commercial vibe. Tinashe is set to release her second album ‘Joyride’ later this year.

This is a project everyone needs to support. For the love of music. Literally.

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