It’s Ariana Grande’s birthday! Here are the top 10 Dangerous Woman Tour moments to celebrate


It’s Ariana Grande’s birthday! To help us celebrate, our friends at @DWTourUpdates wrote an article about their favourite ‘Dangerous Woman’ tour moments. 

Today is June 26th! On this day 24 years ago Joan Grande & Edward Butera blessed the world with the birth of their daughter, Ariana Grande, who would later become a multi platinum, Grammy nominated artist. At only 24 years old, Ariana has released 3 RIAA registered platinum albums, and embarked on 3 world tours. In celebration of her birthday we will be listing our top 10 favorite moments/performances from her most recent worldwide journey: The Dangerous Woman Tour.

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During the Vancouver stop of the tour, Ariana was performing her hit song ‘Problem’, where in the middle of the performance, she lost grip of her microphone and chucked it off the stage. Her adorable facial expression and kindness to the security guard is what makes this memorable.
There aren’t very many artists in our world that handle situations as gracefully as she did. She could have easily made it into a diva moment and made a scene. She really has such a kind loving heart and this is just one of those small acts that proves it. Way to go, Ariana!


If you’re an Ariana fan, I’m pretty sure by now you’ve realized something about her hairstyles. There is always some kind of a ponytail. Very rarely (and I mean hardly ever) do we ever see Ms. Grande with her hair completely down. On the night of the Buffalo show, Ariana entered the stage with her hair not in a ponytail. The fan base exploded with excitement on and off Twitter. Check out the video below! Doesn’t she look stunning?


If you’ve ever been to see Ariana live, you very quickly learn she can dance in heels with no problem at all. It’s not often that we see her fall. In Anaheim during “Bad Decisions”, Ariana was seen slaying the stage and suffered a bit of a slip. What makes this slip memorable is after the fall she poses as if it was planned and in the choreography. Immediately after, she laughs it off and continues on as if nothing happened. She knew we would all laugh with her about this one. What a legend.



By now, I’m sure everyone knows that Ariana is in fact dating Mac Miller. Occasionally on this tour they have come together to give us a performance of their song “The Way”. It’s easily always a super talked about moment as the chemistry onstage is very evident. How could this not be one of our favorite moments? She’s always so delighted and thrilled when she gets to perform with him. Check out their duet below!


One of my favorite moments of the tour is right in the middle of the set. Ariana slows down the show for just a second to sing her hit ‘One Last Time‘ and the audience goes crazy. As If that performance wasn’t enough slayage she immediately transitions into ‘Touch It’. Check out the performance of both songs below…


As you’ve already seen me explain above, Ariana is a warrior when it comes to falling and dropping her microphone. Costume malfunctions continue to prove she’s one of the most professional performers in instances like this. During an almost sold out show at the TD Garden in Boston, Ariana’s top broke during her performance of ‘Into You’. You see at the beginning of the video (0:33) a dancer try to fix it and her quickly wave them off. Ariana is too focused making sure she’s snatching every last weave in Boston, she doesn’t have time to fix her bra. This is why we love her! What could have been an embarrassing performance filled with struggles to fix her bra she just waves off like it’s no big deal and continues on.


Throughout the North American leg of the tour fans were very pleased with the setlist. There was however one song that had always been missing. A song we all thought for sure would make the final setlist. A bop that deserved a performance on the tour. Sadly this song was not performed during North America, but was permanently added to the European leg. Twitter blew up in seconds when we reported Ariana was finally singing ‘Focus’. Although we didn’t get to see the performance in person, it still is one of our favorite performances during the tour!


One Thing Ariana did tease a lot before the start of the tour was having a changing section of the show. A part of the show where she could sing a throwback or some newer material that would not be permanently added to the setlist. One of our favorite performances during this Interchangeable section is hands down ‘Quit’ with Cashmere Cat. Check out the slow ballad below!


Before the start of the tour, we asked our followers for months what song they saw Ariana opening the show with. We received hundreds of ideas and predictions, but ultimately 95% of us were wrong. Ariana surprised us all and chose to open the show with her promo single ‘Be Alright’ and it successfully gets every crowd pumped. The choreography is phenomenal and most of the super fans can dance along too. What makes the performance top notch is the jaw dropping curtain drop that reveals the massive screen and visuals that are displayed throughout the night! Of course, her 100% live vocals really shine during this performance as well!


Our favorite moment of the tour is definitely not one about glitz and glamor, It’s about vocals. What always makes Ariana stand out during her shows is her live vocals. Yes, that’s right, LIVE VOCALS. Throughout the course of the entire tour Ariana has sang live all night every night. That’s pure talent, if you ask me. I think the fans will agree with me that her performance of ‘Thinking Bout You’ is definitely the vocal highlight of the show. Below we have found what we believe to be the best performance vocally of the song. Please enjoy and thank you for reading!

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