5 throwback Disney songs by huge music acts you might not remember


As Alicia Keys is the latest star to release a song for a new Disney film ‘Queen Katwe’, we look back on other tracks that bring along some major feels by huge music acts you might’ve forgotten all about.

Alicia Keys
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Alicia joins a long list of music stars who have given us great Disney tracks with her single ‘Back To Life’ for ‘Queen Katwe’. The film is based on a true story of a young girl from the streets of Uganda whose world changes when she is introduced to the game of chess.

“‘Queen of Katwe’ moved me in every way,” Alicia explained. “The film beautifully depicts Uganda with such honest attention to detail—the colors, the sounds, the people—all vividly brought to life. But most soulfully, it’s the story of this fearless, brilliant girl Phiona who embodies the message that the rise to success first begins with opportunity, and the belief you have in yourself to pursue something bigger.”


“The song ‘Back To Life’ … is about pushing past that little voice of doubt in our heads so we can instead, electrify the world,” continues Alicia. “When we allow women to find and express their power and potential, the world changes for the better.”

This latest track has got us reminiscing about previous (and equally inspiring) Disney songs over the years that you may or may not remember…

1. 1998 Christina Aguilera – ‘Reflections’ (‘Mulan’)


2. 2006 Rascal Flatts – ‘Life Is A Highway’ (‘Cars’)


3. 2009 Neyo – ‘Never Knew I Needed’ (‘The Princess & The Frog’)

4. 2010 Mandy Moore – ‘When Will My Life Begin’ (‘Tangled’)

5. 2012 Owl City ‘When Can I See You Again?’ (‘Wreck-It Ralph’)


Whether it’s classics like ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘The Lion King’, or more recent films such as ‘Finding Dory’, everybody loves Disney, right?  We’ve all got our favourite for different reasons, but ultimately we love a good sing-a-long. Add to your Disney downloads: Alicia’s new track ‘Back To Life’ is able to download on iTunes.

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