All the great shit Adele said at Glastonbury


In case you’ve been living under a rock, Adele headlined Glastonbury last night (June 25) and absolutely killed it. In true Adele style, as well as performing her amazing fifteen song set, she also told some fabulous stories, swearing a total of 33 times during her 90 minute set.


Here is a list of all the great shit Adele said at Glastonbury.


The perfect reaction to headlining Glastonbury: “Fucking hell!” during ‘Hello’.


Speaking to a 10 year old fan invited on stage from the crowd:


Adele: “What’s your favourite colour?”
Fan: “Pink”
Adele: “Pink? Nice, mine’s green”


“Have any of you had to do a piss down the front? Have any of you had to do a shit? Someone’s pointing at someone over there. One of you’s done a shit! Is that piss in that cup? Don’t fucking throw that at me!”


“The BBC had to give a warning about my potty mouth before I went on. I bet didn’t get that… I bet Muse didn’t get a warning beforehand.”


“I’m sure you’re aware that I don’t really have many upbeat happy songs which I think is why a lot of people moaned about me coming tonight but fuck you, you’re obviously not watching so whatever.”


During ‘River Lea’: “I might have to start it again, sorry, I’m a bit out of breath. Start again, I’m out of breath. It’s all that dancing, I ain’t fucking used to it! I’d rather sing it better for you, sorry… Also an excuse to wipe my sweaty top lip.”


During ‘River Lea’ (the second time): “Shit, I did it wrong. Shiiiiiiit.”


After ‘River Lea’: “Perfect time to fuck up a song is at Glastonbury headline set, would you agree?”


On spotting a fan: “Oh my God you look like Brian Harvey from East 17. You’ve got the same shirt on and everything. Oh my God, you alright Brian?”




To another fan: “You’re nice and muddy, have you fallen over?”


On the crowd reaction to fans’ hometowns: “I’ll have no fucking booing at my show, are you joking?”


Taking a selfie with a fan: “Oh my God, I just burped! I had a dirty burger before I came on, that’s why.”


About a fan that needed to be removed from the crowd: “They’re probably moshing too hard to one of my songs. Calm down, calm down!”


But the most serious, and best Adele quote from the night came before she performed ‘Make You Feel My Love’:


“I want to sing it for you and anyone that you lot have ever loved, alright? It’s a bit weird at the moment, stuff that’s going on for all of us and we need to look after each other.”


Amen Saint Adele.

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