5 things I’d ‘LøVë’ to hear on Aaron Carter’s new album


It’s almost time for Aaron Carter’s new album, and it’s no secret that I have been in love with him since I was 9 years old. His self-titled debut album was the very first one I bought when I was on holiday in Florida in 1997, and now

I always remember the first time I ever heard his debut single ‘Crush On You’. I was at my friend’s house at a sleepover, and we were watching some music channel that was on at the time. From then, I was hooked. His music wasn’t as readily available here in the UK as it was in the US, so I would end up buying most of his music whenever I went to America.

18 years later, I was lucky enough to see him on his Wonderful World Tour in London and he was absolutely amazing.

aaron carters new album

After waiting so long to see him live, I was not disappointed. I was so close, too! I met some lovely people at the gig. My only regret is that I didn’t buy the meet and greet package. Only I could be so stupid and wait 18 years to see him but not fucking meet him. Gutted is an understatement.

Aaron hasn’t released an album since ‘Another Earthquake’ in 2002 (or, if you include his ‘Most Requested Hits’ album, 2003)! That’s 14 years we’ve been waiting for a new album. He has, at lest, given us a few tracks through the years with the likes of ‘Saturday Night’, ‘Ooh Wee’ and most recently, his amazing track ‘Fools Gold’.

Aaron has been sharing videos on his Snapchat and Instagram of what he’s been working on, giving us brief insights into what we can expect to hear. You can really tell how hard he’s been working on this album, and I know he’s put his heart and soul into it. The album, entitled ‘LøVë’, is due to be released in February, and he has said that he’ll be releasing another single before it’s release.

So, with that in mind – if his album IS going to be released next month, we should expect to hear his new single really soon! In the meantime, all I can think about is how the new album is going to sound. Here are five things that I would love to hear from Aaron Carter’s new album.

1. A summer anthem

aaron carters new album
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Who could forget Aaron’s track ‘Summertime’ featuring the Baha Men? At the time, this was an epic summertime track, not only because of the name of the track but because it really did make me want to “bang my head to the tune in my ride leaving all my cares right behind,” you know what I’m saying? I’m getting a bit fed up of the cold weather now, even though I’ve recently come home from a week away in the sun. I quite like having a summer anthem, though, and I think Aaron could provide one for 2017.

2.An emotional ballad

aaron carters new album
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‘Do You Remember’ that awesome ballad Aaron did? See what I did there? I taught myself how to play this song on the piano – that’s how much I loved it. Aaron has had a tough time, what with numerous breakups and the very sad passing of his sister Leslie in 2012. I’d be very surprised if he hasn’t penned a track dedicated to his sister for the new album. I know this would be something really hard to sing about, but I also know Aaron would do a lovely tribute to her.

3. Some awesome rapping

aaron carters new album
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The first track I heard Aaron rap on was ‘Get Wild’ on his debut album ‘Aaron Carter’. He’s done a fair few tracks that he’s rapped on over the years. From ‘That’s How I Beat Shaq’ (‘Aaron’s Party Come Get It’), ‘Another Earthquake’ (from the self-titled album) and ‘Leave It Up To Me’ which was featured in the ‘Jimmy Neutron’ movie. His rapping skills have grown up with him, and I’m pretty sure he’ll be able to give us a taste of this on the new album. Let’s hope so anyway!

4. An ‘I Want Candy’ remix



Ok so I cheated on this one. Yes, you heard right from this clip, Aaron has actually done a remix of one of his most iconic tracks, ‘I Want Candy’. Judging by this very short snippet, it sounds even more awesome than the original.

5. Banging tunes



We all know that people have jumped on the Bieber bandwagon lately, because he’s been releasing “banging tunes” which have appealed to a more mature audience, shall we say? I’m pretty sure that people are going to be doing the same with Aaron. These teaser clips he’s been releasing on Instagram are sick! I just can’t wait to blast these tunes out and dance like crazy!

Those are my five things I’d love to hear from Aaron Carter’s new album anyway. What are you most looking forward to? I know some of you in the US will be lucky enough to go and see him on his tour between now and February. If any of you go, PLEASE let me know how amazing he is. All I do hope is that he comes back to the UK again, and I’m going to be all over that meet and greet, you just watch!

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