8 summer essentials for the perfect beach inspired party


Summer might have finally hit England, with temperatures actually hitting the 20’s. The complaints have started, people have started smelling on public transport and our white legs have finally got a slight tint to them. Embrace the heat and invite your friends round for a beach inspired party, why not grab some items from below to really get the vibe going.

1. Inflatable Pizza Slice – £29.99 from ASOS

Pizza isn’t always the first food people associate with summer, but if you’re addicted like us, even the hottest weather doesn’t deter us from the dough.

Pizza inflatable

2. Electro Cocktail Set – £28 Urban Outfitters

When the sun’s shining and you’re starting to sweat in the clammy British heat, the obvious quick fix it to down a cocktail or five. This beautiful set from Urban Outfitters just looks like the summer in metal form, doesn’t it?

cocktail set

3. Polka Dot Bunting – £10 Etsy

If you’re planning on having a summer party, bunting is a must. Polka dots and bright colours always look better with the sun shining on them.


4. Palm Tree Straws – £7.10 Etsy

Once you’ve made your frozen strawberry daiquiri or equivalent, you’re going to need the perfect utensil to get it down. You might not be in Hawaii, but with these straws you can pretend you are.

palm tree straws

5. Donut Drink Inflatables – £9.99 ASOS

Do you ever want to take your drink into the pool but there’s nowhere to put it? Your problems will be solved with these inflatable drink holders. Not to mention they’re donuts, which makes them infinitely better.

donut drink holders

6. Pineapple Decorations – £10 John Lewis

These are too cute not to buy! Put them on the table when you have your summer party and trust us, everyone will love them.


7. Burger Towel – £24.99 Amazon

This towel is everything. If you’re heading to the beach, then why not make everyone hungry and jealous?

burger towel

8. Snow Cone Maker – £75 Urban Outfitters

Although on the pricier side, this could be a lifesaver. Place this machine on the side and when the heat gets too much, simply refill your cone. This machine also comes with two different syrup flavours, but we also recommend experimenting with some flavours of your own.

snow cone maker

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