7 of the most memorable One Direction moments

From performing for royalty to working with NASA


To celebrate the day Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn were first put together, we’re sharing seven of their most memorable moments (in no particular order) from over the years.

1. Two Royal Variety Performances

It’s an honour to perform in front of the Royal Family at least once in your life, but to do it twice in less than five years… well, Queen Lizzie and her clan must really like you. One Direction had the opportunity to perform on the Royal Variety Show twice and even got to meet HRH along with Will and Kate. What an honour.

2. Filming with NASA

How  many people get to say they’ve filmed their music video at a NASA? Of course, the ‘Drag Me Down’ video was filmed at the NASA Space Centre. Only the best for our boys!

3. Winning the BRIT award for global success… twice

It’s a pretty big deal to win a global success award… it means that you’re pretty successful… er… globally. Well, the One Direction infection (sorry we won’t say it again) was so viral that the boys won the award two years running. Incredible!

4. Performing at the Olympics

Honestly, with the boys being such a big deal and repping the Brits (and Irish), it would have been rude not to invite them to perform for the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony. In less than three years since forming, the boys were already performing at such prestigious events and they hadn’t even hit 21. Career goals AF?!

5. This is Us

Of course, iconic artists and bands such as The Beatles have had their own films, but less than half of their career era saw them making a rockumentary about the insanity of the boyband who lost The X Factor, but won the world. *Wells up*

6. Stadium Tour Announcement

Usually it takes years of hard work to reach the stadium tour era of your career but by 2013, halfway through their world arena tour, One Direction were elated to announce they had a stadium tour planned for the following year. That was kind of a “pinch me” moment where you realised that One Direction was the shizz and performing at venues that the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé and other massive acts have performed at. The demand was there.

7. Torn

Come on… how could we not include the boys’ first ever performance together? ‘Torn’ was that one moment that determined whether the last minute decision of throwing a boyband together was worth it… spoiler alert, it bloody well was and we want ‘Torn’ as a single still.

Well, there you have it – seven incredible moments from One Direction’s career. What’s your favourite 1D memory? Tweet us @unitedbypop and let’s reminisce over the best seven years of our life.

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