Relive 5 Second of Summer’s Meet You There Tour


If you didn’t manage to catch 5SOS on their Meet You There Tour, there’s hope for you yet. Some may call it a Christmas miracle, others just call it a gift from one of the best bands in the world.

2018 was a huge year for the band, redefining them with a fresh new sound after their 2-year hiatus. The Meet You There Tour showed fans worldwide just why 5SOS are one of the most exciting live bands in the world.

Not content with blessing us with Meet You There Live, the band have also dropped ‘Lie To Me’ featuring Julia Michaels. Originally included on their ‘Youngblood’ album, ‘Lie To Me’ has been given an extra rich, raspy layer with the inclusion of Julia’s vocals.

Get your ears around all the new 5SOS goodness on Spotify now.

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