The X Factor is back and here are 13 of the most memorable auditions


This weekend it will be once again… time… to face… THE MUSIC. To get us all in the mood for the 12th series of ‘The X Factor’, we are having a look back on some of the most iconic auditions to date. So keep reading if you want to see the good, the bad and the hilarious of what the UK’s biggest talent show has to offer.

Cher Lloyd

We’re kicking it off with singer-songwriter Cher Lloyd, who took to the X mark back in 2010. She had a passion for judge, Cheryl Cole, and definitely wasn’t like most contestants. Cher, of course, made it to the live shows and all the way up to fourth place where she was beaten off by some boyband….

One Direction

…Speaking of that boyband, we must – of course –  include One Direction’s auditions which are a cherished virtual possession held close to the hearts of Directioners around the world as this is where the journey to the world’s biggest boyband truly began.

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This (ex) BFF duo is proof that working with your friend won’t always be rainbows and butterflies like you imagine it to be. Let’s be real, we all thought this was a set up because surely what went on in this audition was too hilarious and bizarre to be true?

Ant and Seb

Truly inspirational. Even when Simon Cowell tells you no, you should just keep going. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Leona Lewis

Before she became the global superstar we all know and love, little Leona Lewis was just a small-town girl with a big dream and an even bigger voice.

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Gamu Nhengu

She is what could have been. If there wasn’t such a controversy around Gamu, we truly believe she could have made it very far in the competition and been a phenomenon today.

Sam Bailey

Right from her first audition we all wanted Sam to win deep down and what a worthy winner she was

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Bupsi Brown

Last year saw Bupsi audition for The X Factor and definitely won us over. Simon wanted her to get nasty and boy did she deliver…

Olly Murs

Our cheeky chappy, Olly Murs, also got his start from the famous talent show. Lots of people expected him to be a bit of a numpty in the auditions, but boy did he blow everyone away. YES, OLS.

Stevi Ritchie

In fact, Olly did so well that he established himself as a true icon and even became the inspiration for this audition by 2015 contestant, Stevi Ritchie. However, unlike Olly, didn’t quite blow us away, but did go quite far in the competition.

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Ariel Burdett

The audition that kind of frightened us came from *ahem* vocal coach, Ariel. She was not one to be messed with and we wouldn’t dare to sign up to her singing lessons because we’d probably poop ourselves.

Little Mix

Of course, as the first ever group to win ‘The X Factor’, we just simply have to include Little Mix’s solo auditions which are forever etched in our brains.

Michael Lewis

Remember when Michael Jackson auditioned? Yeah, us neither. But super fan Michael Lewis did and tried his absolute very best to win the judges over… and sadly failed…

Do you have any auditions you will forever remember? Tweet us @UnitedByPop so we can reminisce and get ready for the weekend where we’re sure there will be many more memorable auditions to add to ‘The X Factor’ archive.

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