8 of the WORST celebrity lookalikes from One Direction to…Donald Trump


Back In June when Beyoncé was in Cardiff for the second date of her ‘The Formation World Tour‘, you may or may not have heard about the look-alike that caught quite a few people’s attention.


To be honest, we did actually have to double take at that one.

So for massive LOLs we’ve found (what we think) are the top eight worst celebrity lookalikes

Lookalike #1

This guy actually won a competition for the best George Clooney look alike.

Lookalike #2

So apparently, this guy right here is none other than a look alike of….The President of the United States, Barack Obama. Say whaaaat?

Lookalike #3

And this guy, we thought was a Boris Johnson – maybe? Nope, this is ‘Donald Trump’

Lookalike #4

While we’re on the subject of Politics (this is the last one we promise), would you have guessed that this is a “lookalike” of David Cameron?

Lookalike #5

This isn’t a really bad (and very random pairing of) Daniel Bedingfield (remember him?) and Catherine Zeta Jones…this is actually, supposedly, most definitely not

David and Victoria Beckham!

Lookalike #6

Onto another very famous power couple now…Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Yep, this was our expression when we found out too

Lookalike #7

Aaaaand Channing Tatum everybody

Lookalike #8

Last but not least, does anyone remember these guys?

This 1D tribute band sparked outrage amongst Directioners, prompting the hash tag #STOPyouarenot1D

We’re not sure whether they sound anything like them, but they could quite possibly be the worst lookalikes we’ve seen!

If you’ve seen any REALLY bad celebrity lookalikes we’d love to see them. Tweet us at @unitedbypop

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