12 amazing vegan eateries you need to try out


Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan or just not too big on eating meat, it can often be a pain to find places to go for food when you’re out. We’ve managed to find some of the best-rated eateries across the UK for you to check out. Whether you’re a local, or need some place on your travels across the country, we’ve got a list for you to try out.


Crumbs Kitchen, The Morgan Quarter

Image credit: https://www.crumbskitchencardiff.co.uk/
Image credit: https://www.crumbskitchencardiff.co.uk/

Crumbs Kitchen is tucked away in The Morgan Quarter, but is a hidden gem in Cardiff for vegan and vegetarian food. The family run café has a reputation for delicious and healthy dishes. Their substantial menu includes breakfasts, homemade salads, filled jacket potatoes, soups, bread, curries, chillis and desserts, so there’s plenty on offer for all the family.

Bonus points: Located in a great arcade in central Cardiff.


Milgi, City Road 

Image credit: https://bunkhousecardiff.co.uk/
Image credit: https://bunkhousecardiff.co.uk/

Milgi is a 100% vegetarian eatery and offers numerous vegan options. With plenty to choose from including pancakes, pizza and platters, Milgi is suitable for brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks and celebrates “the benefits and satisfactions that eating seasonal, tasty home cooked vegetarian food can have”.

Bonus points: The venue holds music nights and has an art gallery. Your night out all in one place.


Clancy’s Vegetarian Emporium

Image Credit: Clancy's Facebook
Image Credit: Clancy’s Facebook

This vegan-friendly market stall aims to serve original vegetarian and vegan food with a mix of Western and Indian-style foods alongside a mix of herbs and spices.

Bonus points: Great for on-the-go food.



V Revolution, Oldham Street

Image Credit: V Revolution Facebook
Image Credit: V Revolution Facebook

V Revolution lies in the heart of the Northern Quarter, and serves the vegan alternative to junk food including burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, grilled cheese and a lot more with their specials changing daily. V Revolution is also home to the biggest vegan burgers in the UK, so it’s well worth checking out.

Bonus points: The retro American diner vibes that make you feel like you belong in a ‘Grease’ style movie.

Earth Vegetarian Cafe & Juice Bar, Turner Street

Earth Cafe
Photo Credit: Peta.org.uk

This basement café serves up a great selection of vegan foods.  The menu changes on a daily basis but examples of delicious mains includes chillis, curries, potato pies, stuffed peppers and stir-fry and desserts such as gluten free cakes, vegan ice cream and raw tiramisu and promises to serve up tastiness every time.

Bonus points: Food served buffet style.

Bistro 1847, Booth Street 

Image Credit: Peta.org.uk

For those with a more exquisite taste when it comes to dining, look no further than Bistro 1847. This upmarket vegetarian restaurant can be found smack bang in the middle of town and offers an imaginative A La Carte menu, with the likes of summer veggies, celeriac & potato gratin and “fish” and chips using cider battered halloumi.

Bonus points: Any high-end restaurant that actually serves veggie and vegan-friendly is a plus!


Vantra, Oxford Street

Image Credit: cleaneatslondon.co.uk
Image Credit: cleaneatslondon.co.uk

This vegan eatery on Oxford Street serves both buffet style and A La Carte along with a juice bar and separate raw menu. With the extensive menus, there’s no chance of you going hungry! With creative names such as ‘Thai Twist’, ‘Oasis of Sahara’ and ‘Buddha Bliss’, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise that the food lives up to the title.

Bonus points: They care more than just the food, but the environment, too

Vegan Hippo Cafe, Rupert Street 

Vegan Hippo

Vegan Hippo is a 100% vegan cafe in Soho, London who are dedicated to promoting animal rights and improving animal welfare by introducing the world to the tastiness of a vegan lifestyle. Serving breakfast as well as both hot and cold mains, you can drop in this cosy café for any mealtime and be guaranteed vegan goodness.

Bonus points: All of the food in the café is sourced solely from environmentally sustainable manufacturers.

Buttercream Dreams, Camden Road 


If you’re looking for some sweet treats, this is the perfect place for you. The menu changes daily and serves all vegan treats, cakes, savoury meals, shakes and organic coffee.

Bonus points: Everything edible is Instagram-worthy.


Mono Café, Kings Court

Image Credit: spottedbylocals.com
Image Credit: spottedbylocals.com

Looking for an artsy hangout? The Mono Café is bursting with creativity in its menu. The classic favourites have been vegan-ised such as fish’n’chips and cheese pizza to tango with your tastebuds’ delight.

Bonus points: This delicious eatery comes with a side-serving of live music.

The 78 Cafe Bar, Kelvinhaugh Street

Image credit: meetup.com
Image credit: meetup.com

This comfortably cosy café features a roaring coal fire where you can cuddle up out of the driery British weather, and tuck into some vegan comfort foods. Open from 12 till late, you can even satisfy any late night cravings with wraps, burgers and salad on the lunch menu, and the evening menu offering special of the day and three course meals.

Bonus points: This café is dog friendly!

The Flying Duck, Renfield Street 

Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

Any trip to Glasgow should include a visit to this bar-club. The Flying Duck always has something going on but it’s the delicious food that always stays the same. The menu includes tasty treats such as burgers, subs, mash and hot dogs plus plenty of thirst quenching drinks.

Bonus points: There’s always events going on such as gigs, alternative pub quizzes, open platform performance evening and club nights every weekend.

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Featured image credit: https://25.media.tumblr.com

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