7 of our favorite Vans collaborations of all time


Long before Adidas began to rule the fashion sneaker scene, Vans were a staple in every millennials wardrobe. If you don’t currently own a pair of Vans, there’s a pretty big chance you owned a pair during your emo or skater phase.

Over the years, Vans have released some absolutely incredible collaborations with our favorite bands, TV shows, and even musicians. We’ve saved you the trouble and picked out our top 10 favorite Vans collaborations (in no particular order) for you to check out.

  1. Vans X Peanuts
    Vans latest collection with Peanuts aka Charlie Brown and friends is absolutely adorable. Who wouldn’t want your fave childhood cartoon on your feet? They’re available for purchase now.

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  2. Vans X Star Wars
    You don’t have to be in a galaxy far, far away to have Star Wars Vans! Put on a pair of Vans from this collection and we’re sure the force will be with you.

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  3. Vans X The Beatles
    This Vans collaboration is music to our ears! Having The Beatles on your Vans is like rocking a band tee, but 10 times cooler.

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  4. Vans X The Simpsons
    The Simpsons are a staple of US television, and with the Vans x The Simpsons you can have your fave animated family on your feet! They are sure to be a conversation starter.

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  5. Vans X Disney
    The cutest Vans collaboration of all time definitely has to be Vans X Disney. How could we possibly pick which Disney princess pair we’d want, though?!

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  6. Vans X White Castle
    Now, this Vans collection makes us hungry. For those of you unfamiliar, White Castle is a pretty popular US fast food chain known for its delicious sliders. With this Van collab, you can rep White Castle wherever you go (even if it’s McDonalds).

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  7. Vans X Marvel
    You can have all of your favorite superheroes on your feet with the Vans X Marvel collaboration! Unfortunately, we’re pretty sure super powers aren’t included with your purchase.

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Which Vans collab is your ultimate favorite? Share your thoughts with us over on Twitter at @UnitedByPop

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