True scary stories that I’ve never forgotten


Seeing as it’s Halloween coming up next Monday, it’s time for the scary stuff. I’ve had a few weird things happen over the years, and I’m going to share it with you. Make sure the lights are off and you’re in bed with the covers up.

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I’ve never forgotten this story. It happened to my Grandma (I’ll refer to her as Nonna which is the Italian word for it). I was only nine years old. Ever since I accidentally overheard the story, it’s haunted me ever since. My Nonna was asleep, as it was the middle of the night. She woke up randomly and she saw a shadow walk past her window. My Nonna is a tough lady, and she isn’t scared of much. Then it happened.

The shadow entered her house through the front door. Her bedroom is right next to the front door so she saw it happen. She said this shadow came into her room and just stood by her bedside. My Nonna thought she was dreaming. She pinched herself multiple times and slapped her face as well. She was wide awake.

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She somehow found her voice and asked it what it wanted. Now here’s where the story gets interesting. My Nonna swears by this. The shadow made it’s way over to her side of the bed. It lifted her out and brought her around to the other side of the bed. There was a mirror on that side and she could see herself floating. Obviously, the shadow didn’t have a reflection.

My Nonna, being the brave soul that she is, grabbed her rosary beads from the table. All while she was apparently levitating. My hero, honestly. If that was me I would’ve passed out. She started chanting the Hail Mary’s and Our Father prayers over and over again. Suddenly she heard a loud BOOM and the shadow put her back into bed and escaped out the back door.

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It’s been 13 years and this story stills freaks me out.



This story isn’t as bad as the first one. It still freaked me out. I was home alone with my dog, Ollie. I was editing one of my YouTube videos and eating lunch. Ollie was asleep on the carpet. Suddenly out of nowhere, he ran into the living room and started barking. Aggressively. He’s never barked that like before.

I turned around and I saw Ollie in his protective stance that he does. And he was barking at the corner of the living room. Immediately I remembered that dogs have that “sixth sense” and can see things we can’t. It had to be some sort of ghost right? He was just aggressively barking at the corner like something was there. I walked over and stood in front of him and asked him what was wrong. He stopped after that but it was still freaky as fuck.

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Whether or not you believe these stories is entirely up to you. I still get chills. Have you ever had a scary experience? Happy Halloween!

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