We tried all of Thorpe Park’s Fright Night mazes so you don’t have to


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I’ll be honest, when I was invited to Thorpe Park’s launch of their infamous Fright Nights, I was hesitant. I’m the type of person who looks at the corner of the screen in the cinema when a horror trailer comes on and who gets freaked out by clowns. But, hey, I like rollercoasters and a free day out, so why not give it a whirl?

This year, the resort has six brand new live-action mazes, including two The Walking Dead themed ones to keep you running and screaming for your lives. Don’t want any maze spoilers? This is where your journey ends…

Thorpe Park Fright Nights
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The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare

Inside, you’ll be subjected to experiences of the hospital from season one, as well as exploring a double storey prison inspired by the third and fourth seasons. Once inside, you’ll have to join together with other maze-goers survivors on the brink of death at the mercy of the notorious Negan.

Shit yourself rating: 4/5 

The Walking Dead: Sanctum

Unlike the previous maze, this one is outside; which means it’s instantly scarier. Why? I don’t know, just trust me. If you’ve seen the series, Sanctum pays tribute to Terminus, the safe-haven with a twist. You begin your voyage into the maze following in the footsteps of survivors, experiencing how to stay alive in the face of several obstacles blocking the way. The goal of this maze is to manoeuvre past the roaming walkers, or you risk capture.

Shit yourself rating: 3/5

The Big Top

Thorpe Park Fright Nights
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If you’re going to do one maze whilst at Thorpe Park, make it this one. With the rise in popularity of clowns after the box office hit, ‘IT’, this was one of the busiest attractions at the park. Work your way through the indoor maze, from the disorientating strobing start to the chainsaw-wielding maniac right at the very end.

Shit yourself rating 5/5

Saw: Alive

Ok, real talk. I really didn’t like this one. The movies freaked me out enough, I’m not sure why I was even talked in to walking through this one. Work your way through horrific scenes and be prepared to come face-to-face with Billy.

Shit yourself rating: 5/5

Platform 15

Thorpe Park Fright Night
Image courtesy of Thorpe Park

Again, did not like. Picture an abandoned underground station, filled with rats and all sort of creepy things you don’t want to encounter. To concur Platform 15, you must trek along the forgotten railway line and uncover the chilling fate of the Sleepers. Who are they? The Sleepers were apparently past train riders who happened to be extremely ill and were trapped on the train. Basically, you don’t want to be a Sleeper.

Shit yourself rating 4/5

Tickets for Thorpe Park’s Fright Nights are on sale now.

Featured Image Courtesy of Thorpe Park

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