5 things you should know if you’re planning on travelling to America


We know America is a lot different to England, from serving pasta in McDonalds?! To driving on the other side of the road, there aren’t that many similarities – plus aren’t some of the accents just DIVINE?


If you’re planning on taking a trip across the ocean to the country where everything is bigger, and in some cases better, check out our five tips below.


They can turn right at a red signal.


You know traffic lights and how we’ve always been told to stop at a red light? Yeah, that doesn’t apply over there. Drivers are allowed to turn right at a red light, obviously they have to watch for traffic and pedestrians crossing but yep, it’s legal.


Tipping is a big deal.


We know the British are not up for tipping most of the time, but in America it’s seen as rude if you don’t. Unlike here in England, the workers don’t get paid as much so they rely on tips to pay their bills and whatnot. Kinda makes you want to tip now right?


Do NOT attempt to drive in New York.


Trust us on this one. It is gridlocked 24/7 and there’s not many places for cars to go. Just don’t do it.






You will fall in love with the houses.


Boring brick semi-detached houses no more! You’ll want to move into nearly every house you see because they’re THAT cute. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Save up the cash.


If you’re anything like us, you will spend a lot. Everything seems so much better and cheaper over there. So get saving up those spending pennies because you’ll need them.




We could go on for days but that’s just a little overview of what to expect. Got any plans to go over to the USA? Tweet us @UnitedByPop and tell us which State you want to visit the most.

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