Outfit Ideas for Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour

Need inspiration for what to wear to The Eras Tour? We've got you!


Best believe you’re getting bejeweled before you head out to your Eras Tour date! If you managed to snag tickets to the concert of the year, it’s time to shine as bright as Taylor Swift does on stage. High heels, sneakers, short skirts, t-shirts — whatever fits your style.

We’ve scoured the internet for the best Eras Tour outfit inspiration. 


If you live (or are traveling to) somewhere warm for your Eras Tour concert, maybe a sequin or fringe dress is what you need. And since Taylor has multiple outfit changes during her set, maybe you should buy two or three… Just thinking.


Matching Sets

Want to rock the matching sets look? These glittery, edgy sets will help you stand out in a crowd of thousands — literally.


Stay hydrated for this three-hour show but know if you have to pee in your jumpsuit you’re going to essentially be naked in the bathroom stall.



We get it; shoes make or break an outfit. But please. PLEASE. Please spend some time breaking your shoes in before you strut off in them to the stadium. You’ll be on your feet for hours and hours (especially if you wait in that merch line). 



According to our friends and fashion experts at Nasty Gal, these are the color palettes and iconic Taylor Swift looks you can recreate or use as Eras Tour outfit inspiration. From debut-inspired cowboy boots for fans of Taylor’s early albums to gemstone-covered corsets to represent the glam of the Midnights era, the Eras Tour is the perfect excuse for fans to get dressed up and celebrate their favorite albums.

Taylor Swift

Color palette: Teal, light blue, bohemian, white.

Iconic look to recreate: One of Taylor’s outfits from the “Our Song” music video.

For those old-school Swifties who want to celebrate Taylor’s first album, embrace her country roots by opting for a boho sundress, tight curled hair, sparkly blue eyeshadow, and cowboy boots to achieve that all-American look. Cowboy boots are not only a classic teenage Taylor look but have also made a huge comeback in recent years and are a comfortable option to dance the night away.

Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

Color palette: Gold, silver, yellow.

Iconic look to recreate: One of Taylor’s iconic Fearless Tour outfits, with Taylor’s lucky number 13 painted on the back of your hand.

During her Fearless era, Taylor’s fashion choices were still heavily influenced by her country roots but with added glitter and glam to reflect her newfound fame. If Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is your favorite album, consider wearing cowboy boots, loose curls, a sequined mini dress, or recreate Taylor’s legendary Fearless look with a gold fringed knee-length dress. Alternatively, contemplate a modern twist on the “Love Story” fairy-tale look by opting for a beige or gold corset and maxi skirt.

Speak Now

Color palette: Lilac, violet, dark purple.

Iconic look to recreate: The Speak Now purple halter-neck tour dress.

Taylor Swift’s style during the Speak Now era was filled with chiffon dresses, full-skirted ballgowns, and sweetheart necklines, perfect for concert-goers wanting to channel their more feminine side. If Speak Now is your favorite album, consider paying homage on tour by wearing a classic purple sundress that you can also wear all summer long.

Red (Taylor’s Version)

Color palette: Red, black and white stripes, autumnal.

Iconic look to recreate: The classic “22” music video look. Including the “not a lot going on at the moment” shirt, black shorts, red heart glasses, and a bowler hat.

The release of Red (Taylor’s Version) welcomed neutral, autumnal tones with splashes of red, but Taylor’s original Red era encapsulated the fashion of the early 2010s. If Red is your favorite album, consider wearing high-waisted shorts, a stripy t-shirt and, of course, your favorite red lipstick to complete the look.


Color palette: Light blue, royal blue, indigo, mauve.

Iconic look to recreate: Taylor’s orange crop top and pink skirt maxi skirt outfit worn to the 2016 Grammys.

With the release of 1989, Taylor solidified her status as a pop megastar, which was reflected in her outfits at the time. This era consisted of crop tops, matching sets, and sequins. If 1989 is your favorite album, consider recreating one of Taylor’s 1989 Tour outfits, which featured metallic skater skirts and sequin bomber jackets, or even try recreating one of the looks from the “Shake It Off” music video.


Color palette: Black, grey, dark green.

Iconic look to recreate: The “Delicate” music video teal blue fringe dress.

During the unforgettable reputation era, Taylor’s style was noticeably edgier and grungier than her previous style. If reputation is your favorite album, opt for wearing dark metallic shades, sequined bodysuits, fishnets, and leather-on-leather to the Eras Tour. You cannot go wrong with wearing black to represent reputation, as well as opting for a darker shade of lipstick, snake-accented jewelry, and thigh-high boots.


Color palette: Pastels, pale pink, baby blue, light yellow.

Iconic look to recreate: “You Need to Calm Down” music video outfits, including an oversized pink faux fur jacket, statement sunglasses, and heart makeup.

The Lover era featured bubblegum hits such as “Cruel Summer” and “Paper Rings,” which is definitely one of the most fun and creative eras to pay homage to at the Eras Tour. If you spent 2020 preparing for the Lover Fest that sadly never happened, now is finally your chance to shine by wearing outfits that revolve around the color pink, tie-dye, hearts, and sequins.


Color palette: Grey, silver, light brown.

Iconic look to recreate: Taylor’s floral print dress worn to the 2021 GRAMMYs, where folklore won Album of the Year.

When Taylor dropped folklore as a surprise in 2020, she left behind her bubblegum pop sound for a more acoustic, soft, and folky vibe. This stripped-back sound of the album was also represented in the stripped-down aesthetic and Taylor’s fashion choices at the time. If folklore is your go-to, consider wearing a classic maxi linen dress with a cream cardigan to represent the ethereal and fairycore vibes of the album.


Color palette: Deep brown, orange, earth tones, mahogany.

Iconic look to recreate: The evermore album cover; a chequered or plaid shirt with braided hair.

As the sister album to folklore, evermore radiates a similar energy, leaning more into cottagecore and almost-witchy fashion pieces. If you are an evermore stan, channel the cozy vibes by wearing rustic browns and burnt orange colors, with a lightweight flannel dress or shirt, and cowboy boots to pay homage to “cowboy like me.”

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