Swedish Fish flavored OREO exist, this is 2016 people


If you live in the U.K you live in a country with a limited selection of OREO cookies, and that’s a very hard fact to come to terms with. Original, Doublestuff, Golden, Chocolate Creme and Peanut Butter might be the only ones available here, but in the U.S it’s a different matter completely. Mint, Lemon, Chocolate Berry, Birthday Cake, Cookie Dough and now… Swedish Fish flavor OREO’s exist in the magical U.S of A.


If you live anywhere near a Kroger, you could lay your hands on some of these limited edition cookies. Although few people have tried the interesting snack yet, The Impulsive Buy got their hands on some and described them as having, ‘creme [that] isn’t perfectly pillowy, soft, and squishy. It’s a little more sticky, chewy, and dare I say…slimy. The creme’s taste, though, is just like Swedish Fish.’

Oreo Swedish Fish

Speaking to Bustle about the inspiration behind the product, an OREO spokesperson said, ‘We know that people enjoy variety when it comes to snacking so we create all of our limited-edition flavors to provide surprising new twists people know and love and on occasion, create unexpected and unique flavor combinations that people may never have thought were possible, including our latest from the Wonder Vault, Swedish Fish Flavored Creme OREO Cookies’.

Will you be heading down to your nearest Kroger? Let us know in the comments below.

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