10 things you need to know about travelling solo


Have you ever dreamt of what it would be like to travel solo but haven’t quite got around to plucking up enough confidence to go? Well we’ve come up with the top 10 tips of solo travelling

Escorted Tours


If you’re not 100% confident to do an entire holiday alone, this is probably definitely the best way to travel solo for the first time. Not only will you see a lot of the country you’re visiting, but it’s a great way to meet people too. Plus, the tour guides will give you all the information you need to know.

Destination Research



Do your homework, the internet is a great source of info, use it! Research where you’re going. Don’t take a holiday companies description as gospel, remember they’re trying to sell so usually write a load of bullsh*t advertising spiel.

Let’s just say you’ve chosen to go to America for example, why not start by taking a look at these handy tips of our very own?

Another really handy forum for some useful in-depth knowledge from people in the know is https://www.traveltalkonline.com

Be yourself


Become friends with yourself! It’s not as weird as it sounds we promise. You’ll more than likely know whether you’re chatty and sociable, or quiet and reserved before you go ahead and book your trip. Make sure the destination suits your personality and interests.

Be organised


Make sure you’ve stored all important documents and money in one place which is easily accessible for you but not accessible to others . A combination lock (other locks are available) give you peace of mind.

Be Adventurous

Odyssey Online


Try new things that really push you outside of your comfort zone, this is a solo adventure after all! Ok, so we’re not suggesting extremely dangerous stuff, just things you’ve never done before. Look at it this way, you won’t embarrass yourselves (and even if you feel like you will, chances are you’ll never see these people again.)

Stash the cash



You do really need to think ahead when it comes to cash. Factor in (roughly) how much you plan on spending per day for food, drinks, activities etc. BUT…do not take out large sums of money with you at any one time. Pre-paid credit cards are definitely recommended, and if you really need to take cash out from an ATM you can, but beware – you will be charged. Always keep some spare cash as emergency back up and remember to keep it separately from any other money you have

Take photos


You’ll be surprised how many people will offer to take your photo for you, especially if they see you struggling to take a selfie. As trusting as these people might be, their photos might not be the best either (no offence to all you generous strangers out there). Selfie sticks are totally acceptable in these circumstances.

Dining alone


Loads of people do it, you won’t be the only one. Restaurants with communal tables or coffee shops that are the hubs are ideal for these situations. Most of them offer free Wi-Fi too which is perfect for getting in touch with friends and family back home, checking in to let them know you’re safe without denting your phone bill.

Early starts


Set your alarm and plan your day. Yes you’re on holiday and no we’re not expecting you to get up at the crack of dawn but seriously, you’ll miss out if you don’t. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast (when all the good stuff is still available on the hotel buffet) and head out for parks, museums and other daytime activities. You’re not going to want to be wandering alone at night which leads us onto the last but not least….

Be safe


As obvious at this one sounds it’s something you need to bare in mind. If you wouldn’t do it at home then don’t do it abroad.
You won’t go far wrong if you follow these steps. We guarantee that you’ll be filling your passport up with more stamps once you’ve got that confidence.


If you’re thinking of travelling alone or already have and want to share your experiences, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know about your experiences in the comment box below.

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  1. John Walters says

    Great article Eleanor & some great tips…now where’s my selfie stick!

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