Why clubbing can suck if you’re a short person like me


Oh man, I cannot stress how much I dislike clubbing. It’s very rarely I enjoy myself. I guess it depends on which club I go to. And what kind of people that are there. Get your popcorn out, it’s story time.

I went out to a club last Friday night and oh my god, nope. It sucks when you’re 5ft tall while everyone around you is a giant.

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I only went because my best friend’s brother was one of the DJs there. Also, he got us free entry. Yes, you’re speaking my language. So my friends and I decided to make a night of it. It started off great, we got some drinks and were loving life. The problem began when the DJs started and the place got really packed. We ended up towards the front of the dance floor because we could sit near the edge of the stage.

It was really fun until everybody started crowding us. It’s okay for my friends who were wearing heels but for me, it sucked. I couldn’t see the DJ on the stage behind his table. I had to watch through my friend’s iPhone camera while she stuck her hand in the air to Snapchat it.

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That was the first problem. Secondly, apparently, people can’t see me. Yes, I know I’m short, but that doesn’t give you the right to knock me out of the way like I’m nothing. People were shoving me as they tried to get to their friends. At one point I almost fell. Hello, I do exist. Ugh, people. I understand people are tipsy/drunk, but come on. I’m sure you can see a person.

I would also like to point out how many times I got hit by random people. At least 12 times. Someone knocked me in the head with their knee. Girls would hit me with their giant handbags. Who the hell brings a damn handbag to a club? Reevaluate your life, please. A clutch is fine. Maybe if I was taller this wouldn’t be an issue? Who knows.

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We didn’t get home until 4:30am. I really don’t know how people can stay out that late. I was already yawning by 1am. Going out clubbing every once in a while I can understand, but almost every week? No thanks, I like to save my money. Wouldn’t it all get repetitive? I don’t see what’s so great about getting drunk every weekend. I’m more of a movie night in kind of guy. But each to their own.

On a positive note, my best friend’s brother (RYAL) did a fantastic job DJing. The music was great. I was so proud.

Has anything like this ever happened to you while clubbing?

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