Why not try the top 5 scariest rollercoasters in the world?


I’m sure that most of us would get such a thrill out of riding the teacups, but for some of you out there, the huge, tall, fast, ‘passing out’ worthy rollercoasters are the dream day out. So why not dedicate some time to collecting together the scariest of them all into one terrifying listicle? Those who love them can start mapping out the ultimate day out, and the rest of us can look and cringe…

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With hundreds to choose from, here is a handy shortlist of the top 5:


As great as  Derren Brown’s Ghost Train was at Thorpe Park, it wasn’t quite enough to make this list. Therefore the scariest rollercoaster in the UK has to be…

The Swarm – Thorpe Park – England

This opened in 2012 and is the first winged coaster in UK.

Duration :  1 minute 25 seconds.

Height / Speed : At 128 feet tall and whizzing around the track at 59mph my knuckles are turning white at the sight of this beast.

What to expect : In 2013 the park introduced an alternative option for riders to experience this epic coaster backwards. It has been reported that this feature has been pulled as of this year.  But do you know what? Given the option, (if I was ever brave enough to give this a go that is…) I’d prefer to see exactly where I was plummeting to thank you very much!


Shambhala – PortAventura – Spain

Europe’s highest roller coaster Shambhala also opened in 2012 and looks absolutely terrifying (to say the least).

Duration : 1 minute.

Height / Speed : Measured at 256 feet tall this is the fastest hypercoaster hurtling at 83 mph.

What to expect : Taking you through dark tunnels and mountain lakes, this coaster is amongst spectacular surroundings if you’re brave enough to open your eyes and look.


Formula Rossa – Ferrari World – Abu Dhabi

This rollercoaster opened in 2010 and STILL holds the record for being the fastest in the whole world.

Duration : 1 minute 32 seconds.

Height / Speed : 170 feet of sheer fright, accelerating from 0 – 124mph in less than 2 seconds, then reaches a hair raising 149mph!

What to expect : The fact that it’s designed after its F1 racing car is pretty epic in itself. The coaster takes you on an exhilarating ride around a Grand Prix style track, giving riders a pretty close comparison to experiencing what it’s like to be in an actual racing car. Buckle up, you’re in for the ride of your life! Either that or you’ll need to take a change of underwear.


Goliath – Six Flags Great America- Illinois

This opened in 2014 making it one of the newest coasters in this collection.

Duration : 3 minutes.

Height / Speed : 180 feet tall with a 85 degree drop, the steepest drop of any wooden coaster is able to reach speeds up to 72mph.

What to expect : Wooden rollercoasters tend to be really noisy, but this is reported to be much quieter than most. It also goes upside down twice.


Leviathan – Canada’s Wonderland – Ontario

Ranked (in 2015) as the 8th worlds tallest and 8th worlds fasted, this rollercoaster first opened in 2012.

Duration : 3 minutes 28 seconds.

Height / Speed : This is rated as one of the biggest and tallest roller coasters in the world at 306 feet, followed by an 80-degree drop and reaching speeds of up to 92 mph.

What to expect : With just a lap restraint that holds you in your upper body is free to swing quite freely freedom making you feel as if you’re flying. If you’re an adrenaline junkie this will definitely be one not to miss.


Are you brave enough to ride any of these? Maybe you already have? Let us know on Twitter @unitedbypop

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