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United By Pop received these products for free in exchange for an honest review.

As a regular hair bleacher, I am constantly on the hunt for hair products to prevent my hair from looking like a bale of hay. I’m pretty fortunate that I can get away with only bleaching my hair about 3 times a year. However, it can get pretty dry due to toners and being irresponsible with straighteners. Beauty, eh?

Andrew Collinge has released a range of unisex products called CO by Andrew Collinge that are lightweight, non-sticky and natural feeling, so I put a few of them to the test to see if they would improve the condition of my hair.

CO by Andrew Collinge Hair

Light Smoothing Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of those products that everyone raves about and I should definitely use on my hair every day to keep it shiny and soft but I’m generally pretty lazy. This Argan Oil claims to “enable quick easy blow drying, with condition and shine to smooth, detangle and protect your hair.” I decided to do a little comparison test and timed my hair drying with the oil vs without. I concluded that it sped up drying time by about 2 minutes and overall made my hair soft, sleek and easy to manage. I will definitely continue to use.

Natural Finish Firm Hold Hairspray

I am SO particular about my hairspray due to having a high maintenance fringe and not enjoying my hair smelling like a musty grandparent’s loft. I’ve also discovered that ‘firm hold’ can literally mean anything so I am very dubious of this description. Personally the most important factors of a successful hairspray are non-greasy, non-crispy and a delicious scent and to be fair this did tick all three boxes. Unfortunately this wasn’t ‘firm hold’ enough for my fringe but it did succeed in giving the rest of my hair a voluminous lift.

Volume Mousse

Mousse is a product that I would ordinarily steer clear from. For some reason I associate it with really crisp tight waves or curls and I hate it when my hair has that greasy product feeling to it. This mousse claims to give ‘long lasting volume and hold’ so I decided to give it a try before a night out where I was lightly curling my hair. I started off with a small amount and distributed it through my towel dried hair. After blow drying it definitely had more of a bounce to it and to my surprise, it wasn’t sticky at all.

Leave-in Hair Moisturiser

I think my favourite product out of the selection has to be this hair moisturiser. I’m almost certain that one of the things that puts me off using oils is that they appear very greasy and you get it all over your hands (nightmare) so I was intrigued to try this. This argan oil loaded spray provides heat protection, moisture and shine to hydrate, detangle and smooth which is all you could ask of a hair product really. The scent is pretty fresh and you can just spritz it over your damp hair before blow drying so it is very low maintenance. I will definitely be investing in this reasonably priced spray (£8) as a staple product in my haircare regime.

These CO by Andrew Collinge products along with a few others are exclusive to Andrew Collinge, and you can see the entire collection here.

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