70 best Bath & Body Works fall candles 2023

It's the best time of the year — the Bath & Body Works 2023 fall candle collection is here!


Nothing says goodbye summer, hello fall like the release of the 2023 Bath & Body Works fall candle scents. And this year, they’re offering more than 70 different varieties!

Bath & Body Works’ iconic three-wick candles have got to be some of the store’s best-sellers of all time, and this year there are a few new scents as well as some limited-edition ones.

All of these candles retail for $24.50 each, but keep an eye out for their occasional $10-off sales to stock up!

Limited Edition 2023 Candles:

Radiant Red Maple – Making memories around the campfire.

Fragrance notes: crisp McIntosh apple, smoky woods and hint of toasted marshmallow.


Pumpkin Spice Latte X Twisted Peppermint – The seasonal crossover you never knew you needed.

Fragrance notes: pumpkin pie spice, freshly brewed espresso and cool peppermint.


Spiced Cardamom – A spicy, cozy cup of fall (enjoyed year-round).

Fragrance notes: cinnamon spiced cardamom, dark cedarwood and a pinch of nutmeg.


Nature Candles:

Autumn – Fruity, fresh and unmistakably fall.

Fragrance notes: bright red gala apple, juicy fig, eucalyptus leaf and fir balsam.


Leaves – Spiced, fruity and oh-so cozy (basically everything you love about fall).

Fragrance notes: crisp red apple, golden nectar and warm clove spice.


The Perfect Autumn – A tale of two fall favorites—Frosted Cranberry and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.

Fragrance notes: fresh cranberry, spiced pumpkin, crisp apple and rich clove.


Harvest Gathering – A spiced, fruity bushel of fall delight.

Fragrance notes: fresh picked apple, autumn berries and clove buds.


Fall Farmhouse – Visiting the pumpkin patch on a crisp fall morning.

Fragrance notes: spiced pumpkin, forest pine branch and fresh fall air.


Sunrise Woods – The lingering sweet, woodsy air on your sweater after an early morning forest walk.

Fragrance notes: creamy sandalwood, sweet berries and cozy cashmere.


Mountain Teakwood – Waking up in a cozy cabin — refreshing and woodsy.

Fragrance notes: crisp mountain air, rich teakwood and a touch of fresh eucalyptus.


Walk in the Woods – A scenic hike through a wooded forest.

Fragrance notes: forest cedarwood, crisp patchouli and dark peppercorns.


Fresh Fall Morning – The breath of fresh fall air your home needs.

Fragrance notes: citrus zest, woodland sage and red delicious apples.


Chasing Fireflies – Fruity yet floral with a dash of enchantment.

Fragrance notes: golden pear, jasmine blooms and illuminated woods.


Fireside – A crackling wood fire on a chilly evening.

Fragrance notes: smoked cedar, fresh clove bud and warm embers.


Fall Forest – A tranquil walk through the woods.

Fragrance notes: forest pine needles, woodland moss and chilly fall air.


Cool Mountain Rain – A misty, crisp walk in the woods.

Fragrance notes: soft rainfall, blue cypress and oud wood.


Frozen Lake – A brisk skate around nature’s ice rink.

Fragrance notes: lavender leaves, cool eucalyptus and juniper berries.


Dark Amber & Oud – A woodland forest after a rainstorm.

Fragrance notes: dark golden amber, fresh rainwater and oud wood.


Cypress & Cedarwood – A tree-lined ocean coastline.

Fragrance notes: fresh cypress, mineral sea salt and cedarwood.


Lakeside Morning – Cool, sweet, fresh alone time on the dock.

Fragrance notes: crisp autumn air, white driftwood and a hint of green apple.


Cranberry Woods – Strolling through a forest of fallen leaves—fruity, woodsy and warm.

Fragrance notes: tart cranberry, cinnamon bark, forest cedar and golden amber.


Apple Candles:

Apple Weather – A perfect fall day in the orchard.

Fragrance notes: fresh farmstand apples, lavender leaves and cinnamon bark.


Honeycrisp Apple – Sweet, juicy apples picked right from the tree.

Fragrance notes: golden honeycrisp, apple blossom and fresh sugarcane.


Mahogany Apple – Apple picking in your favorite flannel.

Fragrance notes: red mahogany woods, golden delicious apple, pink peppercorn and fresh lavender sprigs.


Warm Apple Pie – The classic dessert you know and love.

Fragrance notes: baked granny smith apple, melted brown sugar and flaky homemade crust.


Apple & Charcoal – Sipping apple cider next to a crackling campfire.

Fragrance notes: sweet red apple and smoked charcoal.


Mood Candles:

Flannel – Cuddling up on a chilly fall night.

Fragrance notes: fresh bergamot, heirloom mahogany and soft musk.


Cozy Sunday Night – Sugar, spice and all things nice on a Sunday.

Fragrance notes: warm cinnamon, crystallized ginger and vanilla bean.


Cozy Cashmere – A pillowy, soft cloud of comfort.

Fragrance notes: smooth lavender, warm vanilla, pink jasmine and comforting sandalwood.


Sweater Weather – A cool fall day in your favorite knit.

Fragrance notes: fresh sage, juniper berry, aromatic eucalyptus and fresh woods.


Welcome Home – Comforting, warm and full of love.

Fragrance notes: cinnamon sugar, warm apple butter, clove buds and brown sugar.


Pumpkin Candles:

Pumpkin Apple – The best of both iconic fall scents.

Fragrance notes: red delicious apple, fall pumpkin, fresh ground cinnamon and clove buds.


Pumpkin Pecan Waffles – A nutty, sweet fall breakfast treat.

Fragrance notes: maple syrup, golden waffles, pumpkin spice and brown sugar.


Pumpkin Snickerdoodle – The fall version of the warm, sweet treat you know and love.

Fragrance notes: warm sugar cookies, ground cinnamon, fresh nutmeg and sprinkled with sugar.


Pumpkin Vanilla Creme– A sweet, spiced pumpkin cream pie.

Fragrance notes: creamy pumpkin, vanilla crème, fresh ground nutmeg and graham cracker crust.


White Pumpkin – Classic pumpkin with a modern, spicy twist.

Fragrance notes: gingered white pumpkin, caramel glaze and warm blended spices.


White Pumpkin Oakwood – A gorgeous fall hike meets the pumpkin patch—sweet, woodsy and fruity.

Fragrance notes: fresh picked white pumpkin, smooth sandalwood and spiced pear.

Pumpkin Peanut Brittle – The perfect combo of salty, sweet and (of course) pumpkin.

Fragrance notes: crunchy caramel brittle, salty peanuts and toasted pumpkin seeds.


Pumpkin Cupcake – A decadently sweet, perfectly spiced fall treat.

Fragrance notes: whipped buttercream, madagascar vanilla, pumpkin spice and freshly baked cupcake.


Pumpkin Clove – A pumpkin spice dream come to life.

Fragrance notes: clove buds, ground cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg and fresh pumpkin.


Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin – Sweet, spiced, creamy pumpkin (a.k.a. the essence of fall).

Fragrance notes: warm cinnamon, fresh ground clove, vanilla cream and brown sugar.


Blueberry Pumpkin Patch – A fresh, fruity, fall celebration.

Fragrance notes: farm fresh blueberries, ripe pumpkin and autumn spice.


Spiced Pumpkin & Patchouli – The sweet, spiced pumpkin you’d expect with earthy, herbal undertones.

Fragrance notes: rich pumpkin, warm patchouli and a touch of cinnamon sugar.


Caramel Pumpkin Swirl – A super-sweet, crave-worthy take on a falltime favorite.

Fragrance notes: luscious caramel, ground cinnamon, rich brown sugar and creamy vanilla.


Food-Inspired Candles:

Blueberry Maple Pancakes – Fruity, maple-drizzled deliciousness on a Saturday morning.

Fragrance notes: wild blueberries, griddle fresh pancakes and warm maple syrup.


Frosted Cranberry – Fruity yet refined — a seasonal mainstay.

Fragrance notes: iced cranberries, blonde woods, red apple and tonka bean.


Praline Delight – A nutty, sweet sliver of heaven.

Fragrance notes: roasted pecans, brown sugar and creamy caramel.


Apricot & Green Fig – Fresh, fruity and elegant.

Fragrance notes: apricot, sandalwood, lush fig and creamy coconut.


Harvest Pomegranate – A sweet autumn fruit basket.

Fragrance notes: rich pomegranate, freshly picked apples and sweet black plums.


Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla – A cozy kitchen filled with baked goods.

Fragrance notes: fresh ground cinnamon, sugar crystals and Tahitian vanilla bean.


Salted Butterscotch – A nostalgic hard candy that’s irresistibly sweet.

Fragrance notes: warm brown sugar, sweet cream, pinch of sea salt and melted butter.


Cinnamon Stick – Cider’s spiced, subtly sweet BFF.

Fragrance notes: cinnamon, clove bud and nutmeg.


Marshmallow Fireside – Sweet treats (and memories) ’round the bonfire.

Fragrance notes: toasted marshmallow, smoldering woods, fire roasted vanilla and crystallized amber.


Drink-Inspired Candles:

Pumpkin Spice Latte – The sweet, spiced coffee shop special you crave before the leaves even change colors.

Fragrance notes: pumpkin spice, fresh espresso and whipped cream.


Coffee & Whiskey – Your favorite morning pick-me-up with a touch of weekend spirit.

Fragrance notes: bold Irish whiskey, splash of vanilla and a hint of coffee.


Whiskey Reserve – a well-deserved drink after a day of apple picking.

Fragrance notes: crisp apple, single malt whiskey and white oak.


Sweet Whiskey – A sweet, adventurous spirit with a fruity finish.

Fragrance notes: golden amber, vanilla infused whiskey and sweet red berries.


Midnight Cocktails – The corner table at your favorite speak-easy.

Fragrance notes: rich cedarwood, spiced clove and dark tobacco.


Cranberry Orange Seltzer – A bright, sweet, sparkling alternative to traditional holiday punch.

Fragrance notes: fresh orange, sugared cranberries and fizzy seltzer water.


Spiced Blackberry Cider – A spicy autumn cocktail.

Fragrance notes: mulled blackberries, simmered cider and a cinnamon stick garnish.


Champagne Apple & Honey – Crisp bubbly with the sweet kiss of apple.

Fragrance notes: crisp apple, sparkling champagne and jasmine honey.


Autumn Chai – A comforting, warm cup of chai on a chilly morning.

Fragrance notes: cinnamon chai, french vanilla froth and smooth caramel.


Prickly Pear Sangria – A refreshing reward after a hike through the desert.

Fragrance notes: prickly pear syrup, white wine and freshly sliced fruit infusions.


Smoked Caramel Mezcal – The perfect balance of sweet and smoky.

Fragrance notes: a generous pour of smoky mezcal, caramel drizzle and a cinnamon sugar rim.


Freshly Brewed Coffee – Your favorite morning pick-me-up.

Fragrance notes: fresh coffee beans and steamed milk.


Leather & Brandy – Unwinding with your favorite nightcap in a cozy recliner.

Fragrance notes: warm leather, amber woods and aged brandy.


Apple Macchiato – A fresh, fruity, fall celebration.

Fragrance notes: Washington spiced apples, a hint of cinnamon, caramel drizzle and frothed milk.


Halloween Candles:

Vampire Blood – Equal parts fruity, floral and frightful.

Fragrance notes: red berries, night-blooming jasmine and plum


Pumpkin Carving – A sweet, spiced, pumpkin-y shift from cool fall days to dark, spooky nights.

Fragrance notes: freshly carved pumpkin, spiced pumpkin seeds and smooth brown sugar.


Ghoul Friend – Bright, fruity and simply fa-boo-lous.

Fragrance notes: dark strawberries, ghostly peony and spine chilling citrus.

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