The quirkiest Christmas jumpers you need this year


As the sun sets on Halloween for another year, it’s time to get festive for Christmas. November is the perfect time to start buying your Christmas jumpers before all the best ones sell out. We’re taking a step away from the traditional Christmas design and showing you how to stand out this season with these quirky Christmas jumpers.



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If you’re dreaming of warmer weather this time of year, then this is the jumper for you. Not steering too far away from the Christmas spirit, but keeping the idea of an escape to paradise to warm you up this winter.

Available from ASOS for £30/$46


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Bah! Humbug. Not feeling too festive but a Christmas jumper is the dress code for many events and parties? This is the perfect answer. I know plenty of real-life Scrooges who should rock this look this year.

Available from ASOS for £28/$43



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Stand out from the muggles with this Harry Potter festive jumper. Because Hedwig > Rudolph.

Available from Amazon for £14.99/$16.99



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Personally, I love a good Brussel Sprout, but for those who aren’t a fan, give the subtle message to your caterers with this fashionable piece.

Get it from Etsy for £32/$40.03


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For the profanity lovers such as myself, this is perfect. And it’s a pun, which is a bonus.

Get it from Missguided for £10/$17


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Get a bit cheeky with this innuendo jumper which still sticks to the theme of Christmas with the tree, decorations and of course red and white colour scheme.

Get it from Jean Scene for £16.99 /$20.71


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A classic nod to ‘Game of Thrones’ with this festive ugly jumper style. One I’m sure to get for my step-dad who loves the TV series.

Available from Amazon for £10.99/$19.95



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Take the Christmas jumper look to a whole new level with these gorgeous press on nails with the classic “ugly sweater” pattern printed on.

Available from ASOS for £6.99/$10.50

What kind of Christmas jumper do you wear? The classic ‘ugly’ or a punny statement? Let us know over on @UnitedByPop

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