The Queen has been wearing this drug store nail polish for 35 years


We know that The Royal Family are an inspiration for fashion, but would you be interested in wearing the same nail polish as HRM Queen Elizabeth II? It probably costs a lot of money though, right? Wrong…

Ballet Slippers from Essie is the shade of polish that The Queen has been wearing for almost 35 years and it’s available on the high street. Incredible.

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The pale pink polish is a gorgeous light and delicate colour, that is perfect for all seasons and will go with pretty much any outfit you decide to wear.

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So how much is a bottle of this beautiful stuff? Well it’s £7.99 from Boots or $8.97 from Walmart. Amazing, right? Less than a tenner to be nail twins with Queen Lizzie! Actual goals.

To get the best out of the polish follow these four steps:

  • Hydrate with apricot cuticle oil.
  • Clean then prep nails with an essie base coat.
  • Apply 2 coats of ballet slippers. Let dry.
  • Shine & seal with an essie top coat.

If you get your claws on this beautiful polish, be sure to post a pic of your nail art on Instagram and tag us @UnitedByPop so we can see how gorgeous they look!

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