Pokémon bath bombs are a thing & you’re going to wanna bathe in ’em all!


It wasn’t until the launch of Pokémon Go did we realise that Pokémon was still actually a thing. But since the app was launched and took the gaming world by storm, we’ve seen far more Pokémon-related things hitting our stores. From bracelets to Pikachu onesies there have been a fair few that have caught our eye, but what we’re about to tell you next is definitely a game changer.

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Picture the scene, you’ve walked for miles looking for Pokémon and tried to hatch those damn eggs you’ve collected, your feet are in need of a soak then voila these bath bombs enter your life.

No need to take thousands of steps to hatch these bad boys, they hatch in your bath releasing delicious fizzy scents, and will also hatch a plastic Pokémon toy.


In addition to the egg bath bomb, CreatedByRebeccaLynn also makes Pokéball bath bombs too.



Having used bath bombs before, we’re pretty sure you know the process in which they dissolve in the bath, though you’ve not seen a Pokébath bomb dissolve before right? Well thanks to one Imgur user, she’s demonstrated just how these bath bombs work. Describing them as one of the ‘best purchases’ she has ever made, we want to try them out ourselves.  But whilst we wait for our order to arrive, let’s just take a look at what we’ve got to look forward to.


Once fully dissolved in the bath, your Pokémon toy is then revealed.


The bath bombs themselves are made with natural grape-seed oil and shea butter, which will leave your skin soft and glowing. Not only do these bath bombs leave you feeling silky smooth, the epsom salts will soothe those achy muscles and joints that you may or may not have developed from excessive Pokémon Go-ing!

The bath bombs can be purchased online on the Etsy website for £6.21 ($8.21) plus shipping.

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