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Podcasts are the latest up and coming trend to pod up out of nowhere (Geddit?). They can be funny, informative and maybe even life changing if you look hard enough. I have been listening regularly to podcasts for the last year or so now, and they’ve definitely helped me during unbearable train and plane journeys. I have recently also undergone my own podcast journey, and created my own podcast named ‘Candid Ambition’.

I’ve got a great taste in podcasts, and I’ve searched the iTunes Podcast app high and low so you don’t have to. Here’s a list of podcasts from various genres that will indeed change your life for the better. You can thank me later.

1. ‘Reality Bytes’ 

‘Reality Bytes’ is a brand new podcast about love, sex, relationships and dating in the digital age. Hosted by ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’s’ Stephanie Beatriz and writer Courtney Kocak, they spill their dating tea and serve up some great guests.

2. ‘Gilmore Guys’ 

Ever wondered if there are any boys who watch the ‘Gilmore Girls‘? Well, wonder no more with the ‘Gilmore Guys’… they go IN. They spend hours dissecting each episode with guests, and it’s hilarious. I can’t wait to see what they have to say about the new season when it airs later on this year.

3. ‘Awards Chatter’ 

Hosted by Scott Feinberg for The Hollywood Reporter ‘Awards Chatter’ is an in depth look into award season. It also features some candid interviews with award contenders. Scott isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions, and his guests pour their hearts out. My favourite interviews have been with Taraji P. Henson, Tracey Morgan and Eddie Murphy.

4. ‘New Yorker: Comment’ 

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This is for the fellow news junkies out there (I got you). The ‘New Yorker: Comment’ podcast is a weekly reading of the comment essay in the magazine. It offers little news nuggets of gold, and usually talks about some really important things happening in the world of current affairs.

5. ‘The Empire Film Podcast’ 

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Everyone knows that ‘Empire’ magazine is the best source for all things film, and so is this podcast. They talk about new releases and interview some of the biggest film stars. It’s a great time.

6. ‘Jules and Sarah The Podcast’ 

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This podcast is hosted by Sarah Powell (the lovely northerner you hear on heat radio) and her pal Jules Von Hep (celebrity spray tanner and blogger). Each week they sit down and talk about anything and everything. They share weekly updates on their mothers and discuss cheese… yes cheese. This is the weird and wonderful all rolled into one weekly podcast. I love it.

7. ‘The Girl Gang Conversations’ 

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‘The Girl Gang Conversations’ podcast is hosted by blogger and writer Sarah Starrs, where each week she is joined by a different guest. They chat about really important things from career, to relationships and self help. This podcast has it all and features some really insightful conversation. If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further.

These are some of my favourite podcasts that inspired me to make my own. Are you a fan of podcasts? Share your favourites with me on Twitter @UnitedByPop.

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