You won’t believe what 2016 One Direction looks like with 2010 hair


It’s been six years since One Direction united into one band, and as we come to a new series of The X Factor, it’s hard not to yearn for the days of fetus 1D. However, Tumblr user and Photoshop wizard hazstylestrash (famous for showing the world what Harry Styles would look like with short hair before he officially debuted his ‘Dunkirk’ cut) decided to really mess with our feels and show us what current One Direction would look with their fetus hair.

Let’s ease into it with Louis Tomlinson, who doesn’t look all that different, really.

Holy hairstyles, Liam Payne looks like a hunky yeti.

Alright, after all that ‘Dunkirk’ filming is said and done, can Harry please grow his hair back out to this length?

Zayn’s barnet looks BEAUT. We need him to style it like that ASAP.

Niall… literally looks the same but older and facial hair but we love when he doesn’t wear his quiff, as sexy as it is.

OH. THE. FEELS. God bless you,hazstylestrash.

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