Mother’s Day UK Gift Guide


If you’re fortunate enough to have a mum in your life, it’s important that you show her how much you love her on Mother’s Day—but sometimes it can be hard finding the perfect gift. Peruse this list of gift ideas and see if anything strikes your fancy and helps make you the number one child.

1. The Everything Luxe box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat

Name me one gift better than chocolate. I’ll wait.

2. Name a Star Gift (Framed with presentation Gift Box)

Tell your mum she’s the star in your life by literally naming a star after her.

3. Blossom Birds ‘Mum’ Grace Mug

This adorable mug from Cath Kidston has all the things mum’s love, like birds and flowers.

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4. ‘MOTHER’ 18×18 Pillow

If your mum is into decorating, give her a pillow that will remind her every single day how amazing (and loving and strong and happy and selfless and graceful) you think she is.

5. Family Tree 12 Picture Frame

Got a big family? Help mum display all the family photos by hooking her up with this cute tree of mini frames.

6. The Book of Everyone

Customize a beautiful book for mum with the Book of Everyone.

7. Prosecco O’clock Doormat

If mum likes to knock back the bubbly after a long day, this door makes the ideal gift.

8. Mummy’s Medicine Funny Wine Glass

If the doormat didn’t do it for you, then this glass of ‘Mummy’s Medicine’ should.

9. Mermaid Blanket

Let mum embrace her inner mermaid with this cozy mermaid tail blanket.

10. Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom Home Candle

Mum can totally relax with this boujie, heavenly-scented candle from Jo Malone.

11. Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier With Multi Coloured Soft LED Light

Help your mum relax with this essential oil diffuser. The color changing lights are literally lit.

coloring changing aroma therapy diffuser mother's day gift 2017

12. Carvelle New York Silver Women’s Quartz Watch with Rose Gold Dial

Mum will never be late to meet you again once you gift her this blingin’ silver and rose gold watch.

silver and rose gold watch mother's day gifts 2017

13. Anti-Stress Colouring: Doodle & Dream Book

Got a stressed mum? Help her chill out with this anti-stress colouring book. Pair it with the Jo Malone candle and the aromatherapy diffuser and you’ll be golden.

anti stress colouring doodle & dream book mother's day gift 2017

14. The Superhero T-shirt

Obviously your mum is Wonder Woman, so let her show it off to the world.

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