5 things to keep you from going insane on your morning commute


If you’re like me and have to endure an hour’s train journey every morning you’ll know that the novelty soon wears off. That group Whatsapp chat that’s always draining your battery is dead because everyone’s asleep and you’d give a limb to be back in your own bed.


Here’s five things that could help you through that gruelling morning commute.
1.Remembering you DON’T pay an extortionate amount to live in a mouldy flat.
Okay so the monthly train fare is pretty steep but let’s be real you’re not paying over the odds to share a flat with 3 other people who you don’t know, and they’re not rearranging your knicker draw when you’re out. True story, you couldn’t make it up.
2. Realising you’re actually saving money so you can online shop while you’ve still got G’s to browse online
Renting prices in London increased 11% last year averaging £1,596. Yes, it’s a hell of a lot of money and it’s not just the rent you need to worry about when you’re there. What about your Oyster card, food bill and a decent internet connection? Before you know it you’re 1 week into the month and your bank account is struggling to breathe.

3. Read a book and develop a new skill
I’ve been telling myself I’m going to learn Photoshop for year’s but nothing has ever materialised. It wasn’t until I was bored off my tits on the morning commute that I decided to eventually start developing some skills with that time. I’m not saying buy every ‘Dummies Guide To’ book, even getting your chops around a good fiction improves your vocabulary.
4. BBC iPlayer and All4 downloads will become your religion
If you’re like me you very rarely watch live TV, I survive on a healthy dose of Netflix in bed which at the moment consists of Absolutely Fabulous. BBC iPlayer and All 4 have amazing download features on their apps – you just need to remember to find something while you’ve still got that precious wifi connection at home.
5. You’ll become a master of daydreaming.
Thought you were good at daydreaming before commuting? Think again. I can zone out for a solid 30 mins on a good day, especially if I’m listening to Beyoncé and pretending I’m in her music video in my head.

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