10 of the best pizza places in London


For many people, pizza isn’t just a deliciously convenient dinner, it’s a way of life. With so many restaurants, takeaways and pop-up stores across the UK’s capital, it can be baffling to know where to head to find a decent crust to topping ratio. If you’re looking for the perfect sourdough or the speediest pizza treat, look no further. Here are 10 of the best pizza places in London you need to indulge your taste buds at.

Pizza East

Where: Shoreditch, Kentish Town, Portobello

Price: ££


What’s the deal? Drop in for a typically Italian coffee and a biscotti, or head straight for the good stuff. With three locations across London, there’s plenty of places to pop in for one of Pizza East’s wood oven pizzas.


Santa Maria

Where: Ealing

Price: ££

Santa Maria Pizza

What’s the deal? Traditional Neopolitan pizza in a homely residential area of Fulham, the dough for these beauties is given an entire day to rise, and all the ingredients are sourced straight from the homeland.


Pizza Pilgrims

Where: Soho, Carnaby Street, Exmouth Market, Covent Garden,

Price: £

What’s the deal? An Italian stone pizza oven installed in the back of a 3-wheeled van, that made the ultimate six-week pilgrimage from Italy.


Bravi Ragazzi

Where: Streatham

Price: £

Come 'n get it

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What’s the deal? Crowned as ‘The best pizza in south London’ Bravi Ragazzi uses only the freshest and ripest tomatoes slathered onto the perfect sourdough base.



Where: Covent Garden, Fitzrovia, Shoreditch and City

Price: ££

What’s the deal? 20″ pizza whole or by the slice, the perfect pizza place if you’re out with mates and just want to dig in.


Sourdough Saloon

Where: Victoria Park

Price: £

What’s the deal? Thin and crispy bases with just the right amount of sourness, twin this with a pub surrounding and decent beer on draught and you’re onto a winner.



Where: Camden, Chelsea, Covent Garden, Hoxton, Oxford Street, Swiss Cottage, Wandsworth

Price: £££

What’s the deal? The website states this is ‘the best pizza this side of Naples’, and it certainly won’t disappoint. Unlike other authentic Italian places, you can even score a top-notch gluten-free pie here.


Franco Manca

Where: 23 across London

Price: £


What’s the deal? If you want pizza in a hurry, Franco Manca is the perfect rapid growing London chain to pop into. The prices are low, the pizzas are large and you’ll leave wanting to return immediately.



Where: Portabello Road

Price: ££

What’s the deal? Nestled in the heart of Portabello Road near Notting Hill station this authentic Italian is the perfect setting for a proper sit-down meal. Once walking inside you’re greeted with the dominating clay oven used to cook the absolutely mouth-watering delights that this restaurant churns out one after the other.


Pizza Union

Where: Kings Cross, Spitalfields

Price: £


What’s the deal? 12″ pizza cooked fast and cooked to perfection. They’re thin, they’re crispy, they’re cheap and the garlic herb dip to accompany them is absolutely divine.

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