My 5 favorite pieces from the JustFab + Betches Fall Essentials Collection


I’ve been scrambling to catch up with season 15 of ‘Project Runway’, and they did a challenge with JustFab for the second episode. JustFab is one of those online subscription sites where you pay a monthly fee and can choose from a selection of clothes, shoes, and handbags. I used to be a member of ShoeDazzle, one of their sister sites, and I’m a big fan of their products. I also love seeing the ‘Project Runway’ designers using the JustFab “accessories wall” to complement their designs when they send them down the runway!

When I found out JustFab was partnering up with Betches on a new collection, I immediately had to see what it was all about. Both JustFab and Betches are all about feeling confident and not taking yourself too seriously, which is a great mantra. At first glance, it looks like an awesome autumn-themed selection of jackets, booties, and tons of suede. I live in New England—those 3 things are the way to my heart this time of year. Everything also comes in plus sizes! Here are my 5 favorite things from the collection of currently 29 available pieces (it sounds like there will be more to come).

1. Bomber Jacket in Black

Bomber jackets are basically the biggest trend in fall fashion right now thanks to people like Gigi Hadid. This one comes in classic black, my favorite, and also an awesome avocado green if you’re feeling edgier.

justfab betches collaboration 1
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2. Ace Distressed Bag in Mineral

I always forget to use blue in my fall wardrobe. This blue is the perfect autumn color, with a nice hint of grey. It’s also my favorite shape in a bag: large enough to hold an iPad or notebook, with a flat bottom so it stands up on its own.

justfab betches collaboration 2
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3. Fallon Boots in Burgundy

How. Perfect. Is that red! It’s so deep and lush, it just screams fall. The gold accents on the two tassels are so cute, and the heel is just the right size for a little lift while still staying comfortable.

justfab betches collaboration 3
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4. Faux Suede Maxi Coat in Caramel

What is more luxe than a super long coat? As perfect as it is for protecting 75% of you from the chill, it also just looks so effortlessly chic. You can bring this one back out for spring, too, with a little floral dress!

justfab betches collaboration 4
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5. Parva Boots in Cognac

Waiting all year for fall is worth it purely for the knee-high boots. This brown pair with gold detailing will probably go with every single sweater already in your collection (and definitely that maxi coat).

justfab betches collaboration 5
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You can check out all of the available pieces from the JustFab + Betches Fall Essentials Collection here. And check out JustFab on Project Runway every Thursday at 9pm EST on Lifetime!

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