Jameela Jamil’s empowering and inclusive platform, I Weigh

How the actress created a safe place to learn, to connect and to belong.


You might have heard of Jameela Jamil, the British actress who gave life to Tahani Al-Jamil on the sitcom The Good Place. What you may not have heard about her is that since 2018, Jameela is the mind behind I Weigh, a platform designed to discuss important issues such as body image, feminism, mental health, LGBTQI+, climate change, and much more.


The online world can be a dangerous place, especially for young people, and that’s why I Weigh made it their responsibility to fight against messages that affect people’s perspective of beauty and what ‘acceptable’ means. Also, I Weigh created a safe online environment for specific groups that are constantly struggling to find support and people who go through similar experiences; their social media is filled with inspiring people discussing these topics with honesty and empowerment.

Jameela knows the importance of creating a bond that will help people open up to the ideas on I Weigh, so she constantly invites, in her own words, “externally successful and socially accepted people”, and gives them space and time to speak up about their own experiences and struggles. Sam Smith, Lizzo, and Demi Lovato are some of the artists Jameela has spoken to about body image and much more.



Through articles, podcasts, book clubs, initiatives, and its recently-created YouTube channel, I Weigh is fighting for many people who are afraid to be who they are or to speak up because society always finds a way to silence them. It’s never an easy fight, but if I Weigh can affect people’s lives positively, at least a tiny bit, it’s worth it.

If you want to practice radical inclusivity, we suggest you join I Weigh’s revolution against shame.

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