Trend or Trash: Ice Cream Makeup


Welcome back to another episode of Trend or Trash; where you let us know your thoughts on the latest viral trends that are certainly turning heads.

Today’s trend: Ice Cream Makeup

If you want to stay cool for the summer, we get that, but today’s trend or trash takes it to a whole new level. While it was a big trend back last Halloween, it still hasn’t really died down… then Reddit user, hiimkaylaa, decided to upload her own version of the trend.

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It’s definitely a bold choice, to say the least…

Well, that’s one refreshing trend!

My personal thoughts are first to applaud anyone who does this look, because that looks talented and also time consuming. It’s not a look I’d choose on a daily basis, but for a costume party, you could definitely be in the running for the main prize.

What about you? Is this ice cream trend hella cool or just a sticky mess?  Vote on the poll below and be sure to give your opinion on other head-turning trends.

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