Here’s how to create a Harry Styles pink bath to listen to his album and yes we are serious


Harry Styles’ debut solo album is finally out, and we all know you’re going to be listening to it for a very long time. If you want to get creative and be in the ultimate state of relaxation while listening to this musical masterpiece, we know how to create a bath based on the aesthetics of the album artwork. So, how do you may your own Harry Styles pink bath?

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There are two bath bombs from LUSH that would create a similar effect called ‘Sex Bomb‘ and ‘Tisty Tosty‘. Just pop in ‘Sex Bomb’ for a gorgeous pale pink colouring and then use ‘Tisty Tosty’ for the botanical accessories. If you’re feeling extremely extra and really want a big floral effect with your Harry Styles bath bomb, pop and get a cheap bouquet of flowers and rip the heads off and throw them in, too. Get that ultimate Harry Styles pink bath aesthetic, babe.

how to harry styles pink bath lush sex bomb
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how to harry styles pink bath lush tisty tosty
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Tbh, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how Harry’s actual photoshoot was created.

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And there you have it – a Harry Styles-inspired pink bath for you to relax and listen to the album in at the utmost bliss. You’re welcome.

If you make this LUSH bath cocktail, please snap some pics and tag us on Instagram @UnitedByPop so we can see the aesthetic we live for.

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