Do these natural homemade hair conditioners actually work?


Picture the scene, you absolutely need to wash your hair ready to go out the following morning, you get ready to go into the shower and you realise what a horrible mistake you’ve made. When you last did your shopping you overestimated just how much hair product you have left. Nightmare.

This, my friends, is exactly what happened to me. Getting in the fluster I usually do, I searched the bathroom trying to find any sort of conditioner with a tiny bit of product left in there. No luck.

“Don’t worry, you can always make a homemade one. I used to with my vegan book I once had,” My mother reassured me.

I logged onto my laptop and searched for recipes. I didn’t have much faith in these homemade conditioners because surely if they work so well, more people would do it? I found a quick and easy recipe for my hair condition, which is slightly oily. It was a three-ingredient mix and to my relief, we had all of them in the kitchen.

I took a whole banana, a spoonful of honey and a drop of lemon juice before mixing it together in a jug. It wasn’t very smooth and looked disgusting, but what did I have to lose?

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Some thirty minutes and a hot shower later, I brushed through my hair. There were no tangles and my hair actually felt smooth. The trick with this was to do your hair regime backwards – conditioner first, then the shampoo. My hair felt just as clean and conditioned as when I use a store bought product. What a relief. The only thing I’d do differently is maybe put it in a blender for a more smooth and creamy consistency.

Would I make the great change of switching bottle product to this natural concoction? Probably not. But, it’s nice to experiment and good to know that in troubling times and lack of product, you can create a makeshift. I’m definitely tempted to try other recipes in the future and see what has a good effect. It’s fun to experiment.

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