Why Harry Styles’ impact is so important


Harry Styles has become accustomed to stepping out of his comfort zone. With his outrageous fashion choices to his signature long locks―before he iconically chopped it all off a year ago―Styles has managed to become a reliable trendsetter.

One factor that’s always made Styles stand out from the rest is his fearless approach to fashion―was his willingness to try anything, he’s become a role model of sorts for certain young people to wear, do and feel however they want.

Styles steps out regularly in floral prints, bell bottoms and even the exceptional glittery boot. All these statements have slowly become the standard for men’s fashion―not saying Styles curated the complete idea of what’s fashionable and what isn’t but he surely helped steer it in that direction.

Styles has also been seen rocking painted nails, not afraid of the assumptions people might make, which inspired a young boy to do the same.

The tweet has been circulating all over Twitter and sparking huge amounts of positive reactions from other Twitter users, with the majority of them encouraging him to continue doing what makes him happy.

With Styles’ impact and confidence to be genuine and true to himself, he’s allowed others to instil a bit of courageousness within themselves, even if it’s just wearing clothes that are a little different or having a passion for things that aren’t usually the norm.

And if we’re discussing defying the norm, Harry Styles is definitely no stranger to that. With someone as influential as Styles is, his support for the not-so-typical trends is what helps inspire young generations to be brave and be themselves.

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