23 of Harry Styles’ best fashion moments


One of the best things about being a fan of Harry Styles and following his career is never knowing what he’s going to wear. The excitement of seeing that first picture hit the internet when he takes the stage, walks out on the red carpet, or exits a car—nothing compares.

In celebration of Harry Styles’ 23rd birthday, I’ve pulled together a list of 23 of his best, biggest, most outlandish moments in fashion. Never one to shy away from risks when it comes to his clothing, it’s hard not to miss an endless flow of Harry photos during this tragic One Direction hiatus.

Fingers crossed that his acting in ‘Dunkirk’ brings him in front of the cameras in a flowered suit again.

1. The sheer yellow shirt

Where: The ‘History’ music video

Why: Yes, that shirt is yellow. Yes, it’s sheer. Yes, that’s a hip tattoo you can see.

harry styles history music video gif

2. The red floral suit

Where: ‘X Factor’ performance

Why: I thank Gucci everyday for this creation, and you should, too.

harry styles red floral suit

3. The shearling vest

Where: ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ rehearsals

Why: Because it was worth over three grand, and he wore it to rehearsals. In Los Angeles.

harry styles shearling vest

4. The mustard geometric suit

Where: ‘Love’ magazine party

Why: Not only did this make a loud statement, but it appeared to pay homage to Mick Jagger.

harry styles geometric suit5. The eagle bomber jacket

Where: The TODAY show

Why: Harry Styles invented bomber jackets.

harry styles eagle bomber jacket6. The pink golf polo

Where: Golfing in Los Angeles

Why: Just when we thought Harry had left behind the polos of his fetus days.

harry styles pink golf polo7. The motorcycle shirt

Where: Recording for Band Aid

Why: It’s got motorcycles AND a necktie detail.

harry styles motorcycle shirt
8. The feathered hat

Where: The 2014 American Music Awards

Why: Because he stuck a feather in his hat and called it MAKING FASHION HISTORY.

harry styles feather hat9. The off-duty model look

Where: Out in Los Angeles

Why: If there was anything better than Harry’s headscarf phase, I don’t know of it. Not to mention this headscarf was McQueen. (Harry… your hair is almost this length again… Think about it.)

harry styles mcqueen headscarf10. The black on black on black and white

Where: Out in Los Angeles

Why: What’s in that giant Tom Ford bag? All my hopes and dreams? Probably.

harry styles fashion tom ford bag
11. The black and white striped coat

Where: Out in New York

Why: This is Beetlejuice chic. Harry made Beetlejuic chic a thing.

harry styles black and white striped coat12. The black and gold top

Where: The TODAY show

Why: Another great top with a necktie detail. Show your chest while remaining dapper. It’s a skill.

harry styles black and gold shirt today show orlando florida13. The green varsity t-shirt

Where: Out in New York

Why: …

harry styles green shirt14. The pink feather shirt

Where: Arriving in Australia

Why: I remember trying to identify this pattern when these photos first came out. Yes, they’re enormous feathers, thank you Marc Jacobs.

harry styles pink feather shirt15. The black and white floral pants

Where: The Jimmy Kimmel Show

Why: Dolce & Gabbana, I pledge my undying love to you.

harry styles black and white floral pants jimmy kimmel16. The gold embroidered jacket

Where: 2015 American Music Awards performance

Why: Name me one time you’ve seen a cuter nutcracker.

harry styles black and gold embroidered jacket american music awards17. The black and white floral suit

Where: The 2015 American Music Awards

Why: Even though this pattern was compared to an IKEA duvet, this was literally the biggest fashion moment at that entire award show.

harry styles black and white floral gucci suit american music awards18. The black and white striped pants

Where: House Of Hackney Christmas Party

Why: Long hair (and legs), don’t care.

harry styles black and white striped pants19. The striped jeans

Where: Out in Los Angeles

Why: When I go out and buy donuts, I wear a subtle Paige denim number too.

harry styles striped jeans paige denim20. The heart shirt

Where: ‘This Is Us’ premiere

Why: Had to take it all the way back to the early, short hair days just once. There’s a heart on this shirt for every time I’ve cried at his beauty.

harry styles heart shirt this is us premiere21. The pink polka dot shirt

Where: 2015 Apple Music Festival

Why: The Apple Music Festival was available to stream in ultra HD gorgeousness, and people all over the world had pink polka dotted Harry enlarged on their 60″ television screens.

harry styles pink polka dot shirt apple music festival22. The black and pink flamingos shirt

Where: ‘X Factor’ performance with Ronnie Wood

Why: Flamingos? Ronnie Wood? This was a good day to be Harry Styles.

harry styles pink flamingo shirt the x factor ronnie wood23. The golden boots

Where: Sydney, Australia concert

Why: Little can be called more iconic in the One Direction fandom than the night Harry appeared on stage in these. “A heart of gold, and boots to match…”

harry styles golden boots sydney australia

Happy birthday, Harry! Can’t wait to see what 23 brings you.

Did I forget to include your favorite look? Leave a comment and let me know!

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