Guys wearing pink is becoming a trend and it is seriously sexy


Pink is a great colour, let’s not deny that. For some reason, there’s a whole gender stereotype of it being “girly”. But now it’s 2017 and the world is ready to break stereotypes and I am HERE for it, people.

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Recently, Harry Styles took to his Rolling Stones interview to say how much he liked the colour. He even had intentions of calling his debut album ‘Pink’ after being in agreement with The Clash bassist, Paul Simonon, in the statement “pink is the only true rock and roll colour”. Recently, I’ve noticed a lot more guys are wearing pink and it’s absolutely everything. Check out these guys making it really work.

Harry Styles

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Harry has never been shy about the idea of guys wearing pink and has been doing it for years. But with his solo promotion going on, he’s been wearing it again and it’s had everyone at UBP feeling some kind of way.

Luke Hemmings

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5SOS’ lead singer was spotted at Coachella dripping in the colour, so clearly pink is punk rock, right? The matching sunglasses are everything, Lucas. Everything.

Matt Healy

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Another supporter of guys wearing pink is none other than The 1975 frontman, Matt Healy. The aesthetic of the band’s sophomore album was pink and it’s so majestic, I’m in love.


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Alfie Deyes is another lad who just makes pink work. You can often see him in his vlogs sporting the colour and it looks amazing on him. More Zalfie matching in pink, please! Couple goals.

Kanye West

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I’mma let you finish… but would you question Kanye about guys wearing pink when he’s wearing it? Didn’t think so…

Joe Sugg

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Yes, Joe. Pink is so your colour and I stan it. I really, really do.

So, lads, if you want to wear pink, you go out there and wear it like the king you are. Because at the end of the day, it’s just a colour. Oh, and if you have an #OOTD that includes pink, put it on Instagram and tag us @UnitedByPop so we can see how amazing you look.

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