Why Grey’s Anatomy has been so successful for 13 years


Name one show that’s had a plane crash, a shooter, a bomb and a car crash. Yep, it’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. I really can’t think of another show that’s put their main characters through so much. That’s the power of Shonda Rhimes. She makes you care for a character and then puts them in a near-death experience. As a viewer, I have never been so offended. But that’s one of the reasons why the show has lasted for 13 years.

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is that show the truly has it all. First of all, the characters. Over the years you just fall in love with each and every one of them. And that’s probably the main reason I love ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. The actors bring so much life to these characters, they need all the awards. Especially Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey). This woman has gone to hell and back on this show.

Obviously throughout the years characters comes and go. It’s natural. Things happen, actors move on to different projects. And I do miss the original five interns. However, I’ve had the pleasure to watch the character of Meredith Grey grow. 13 years ago she was just an intern. Now, she’s a mother of three beautiful children.

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Let’s not forget about Alex Karev. From being the bad boy in season one, to becoming the most respected paediatric surgeon is character development at its finest. I dare anybody to not like Alex. He’ll pull on your heart strings. Especially in the recent season. Oh man, I almost cried. The relationship between Alex and Meredith is transcendent. How can you not watch?

Another thing I love are the medical cases. I find them so interesting and you know that every case is literally life or death. Let’s be honest, I’m practically a second-hand doctor. I know too many things now. Some cases are emotional, some are brutal. Expect the unexpected. Anything can happen on this show.

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If you’re a person who enjoys good writing and hilarious quotes, say no more. The amount of times I can quote Grey’s doesn’t exist. The show is so quotable and just so damn relatable.

It’s no surprise that Grey’s has lasted this long on air. It’s the way Shonda and her team handles each episode that suck you in. I think at this point, everybody is just watching to see how Meredith’s and Alex’s journey will end. But as long as the stories are addictive and emotional, I can see a bright future for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

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