Donald Trump’s Muslim ban needs to be opposed by us all


Last week, President Donald Trump announced that he had signed an executive order to stop the USA refugee programme, and that travellers from Muslim-majority countries will now be banned. Any citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen will now be prevented from entering the USA. This has and will affect a lot of people with dual citizenship and has already left people stranded away from home and their families until this ban is lifted.

I still can’t comprehend that in 2017 this has been ALLOWED to happen. We are living in an age where equality shouldn’t be a privilege, it’s a basic human right and is something that us as a society, especially in the UK has been working towards. Discrimination against another human being for something completely out of their control, (where they were born or the colour of their skin) is utterly barbaric. Why should anybody be superior to another person? Similarly, refusing refugees that are fleeing war-torn countries is just completely inhumane.

I’ve realised over the last year or so in light of shocking and heart-breaking political news, that I’m generally pretty sheltered from discriminative behaviour. It’s become apparent (if not already) that all of my social circles are fairly liberal and I’m surrounded by actual humans with hearts and not robots. So when the pictures of Theresa May, our Prime Minister that nobody voted for was pictured holding hands with Donald Trump, the man who is determined for America to regress back to the early 1900s, it brought back all those initial post-brexit feelings to the surface. Other leaders have spoken out against Trump including Canada and Germany – with comparisons being made to the unprecedented flight of the Jews in the 1920s. So why has Theresa May decided to give the weakest response imaginable?

I’m amongst many in the UK who think Donald Trump is a dangerous sociopath and I can whole heartedly say I can’t quite put into words how sad and angry I feel that this is happening. When I heard about the protest on Monday at Downing Street organised by Owen Jones, I was keen to show my support. This protest was to reiterate that the Muslim ban MUST be opposed by all of us, including our Prime Minister.

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As soon as I arrived the atmosphere hit me immediately. Thousands of people, coming together in sign of solidarity with America and the citizens of the seven affected countries. The majority of the crowd were fully involved bearing handmade signs and shouting chants against both the ban and the president. Speakers at the protest included Lily Allen and shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott but unfortunately, it was impossible to get near them. After the last however long being filled with negativity and hate due to political movements, it was incredible to see a group of people attempting to positively show their support to all those who need the reminder right now.

This is important and the message needs to be reflected in America and the rest of the world. What is happening is not acceptable and we don’t just have to sit back and watch it happen. There is another march coming up in London this Saturday (4th February) so I urge everyone who opposes what is going on right now to get involved. Stand together and unite against racism and xenophobic action.  Be part of a huge voice and continue to fight for equality.

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