5 crazy celebrity hair transformations


Celebrities have been using this good ole’ trick for years, and it seems to have worked for a few. A drastic change to one’s hair can be the set-up to a very successful musical era (see Miley Cyrus), or why not just cut the whole thing off and take on a role that could garner you an Oscar (see Anne Hathaway)?

Here are my top 5 drastic hair transformations, good and bad.

Miley Cyrus

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As aforementioned, Miley has been the pioneer of the drastic hair change since the launch of the ‘new Miley’ back in 2013. Miley’s reason to change was more cathartic than many before as she was trying to shake the Hannah Montana image that’s long shadowed her solo career. Well… girl did bloody good. Miley used the transformation in the best way possible. With a number 1 album, two number 1 songs and a career that is only going up.


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If we’re talking about celebrity hair transformations there is no way we can miss out this bad gal. Rihanna has been changing her hair since the very start of her career. New hair? Oh, it must be a new musical era. From red, black and blonde to short, long and dreaded, the hairstyles play into the new era that she’s focusing on. With 7 albums in 7 years… girl changed her hair quite a lot. But how can we complain? She’s killed every single hairstyle that she’s rocked in her career!

Kylie Jenner

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Everyone’s favourite (or not so favourite) digital influencer. Kylie Jenner has seen super stardom from… well I don’t actually know what kick-started the Kylie Jenner era. However, what I can say is, Kylie has rocked some pretty wild hair. From green to a black bob, Kylie has pretty much done everything. With a whopping 88 million Instagram followers, Kylie’s got one of the biggest audiences to show off her new locks to.

Justin Bieber

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JB’s hair transformation from long and swoop to the stylish up-do was one of the most talked about pop culture moments of the past few years. Who could have expected another hair transformation from the Biebs? At the start of a new career-defining era, Justin grew his locks out and sparked a trend that we’re still seeing today (picture on the right). He looked good, the music was good and we enjoyed every minute of the ‘Purpose’ generation.

Katy Perry

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Coming off the back of a huge record breaking period, what can Katy do to start this new era with a bang? Oh we know, a hair transformation! Days before the release of her new single Perry revealed a new short blonde do that had everyone talking about her. But wait, Katy Perry wasn’t done there. Just a few days ago, Perry revealed an even shorter blonde do (cc. Miley Cyrus) hours after her break-up with Orlando Bloom was publicised. A new short-do, a break up? Katy seems to be taking Miley in her ‘Woke’ era of pop music.

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