People are using Coca-Cola as tanning oil and it’s stupidly dangerous


We all like to look like we have a bit of a golden glow in the Summer months and why shouldn’t we? But if you’re thinking of getting a tan, you do not want to follow this foolish new fad where people are using Coca-Cola as tanning oil. I wish I was joking…

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It’s been reported on various websites that there are people pouring the soda drink all over their skin before laying out for a tan, hoping for the skin of a glowing goddess. If there is a result, it’s more than likely due to the fact that brown sodas such as Coca-Cola contains chemical colours, giving the appearance of your tan speeding up. But with the lack of SPF protection, this technique is very unsafe.

Dermatologist Mona Gohara, M.D. recently wrote an article on the topic for Fitness magazine. She states in her essay that there is no scientific information which supports the idea that covering yourself in a bottle of Coca-Cola will accelerate your tan, but it will do harm to your skin.

“As a dermatologist, I can really only say one thing, BAG IT. Besides the fact that it is gross and sticky (do you want flies with that burn?), it’s also a one-way ticket to developing cancer and wrinkles.” She adds:  “no tan is a good tan when it comes to skin health.”

There is a direct link between catching rays and skin cancer, with the Skin Cancer Foundation saying that more people develop cancer due to tanning than lung cancer from smoking, while a survey taken by Cancer Research UK shows most people ignore sun safety advice despite fears of skin cancer.

Moral of the story? Fake your glow and keep your Coca-Cola for a cool beverage, please.

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