Why is this whole clown trend is a terrible idea?


If you have social media then 99% of you have witnessed the new viral clown trend. It’s everywhere. For those who might not know, people all over the globe are dressing up as scary clowns. They’re just walking around at night trying to scare people. To be honest, I’m completely against this whole situation.

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These idiots dressing up as clowns and scaring people make me so angry because it’s not funny. You might think it’s only a joke, but people have a phobia of clowns. They might have a heart condition or some other medical problem. You never know. People have anxiety and knowing clowns could possibly be out on their street is terrifying to them.

When I’m driving at night time, I’ve actually found myself quickly scanning the roads in case I almost spot a clown. I shouldn’t have to do that. What’s even worse are some clowns carrying weapons. What is this world coming to? I never in my life thought this would be a thing. I believe it’s gone viral because some people have nothing better to do with their lives.

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And what about professional clowns? Those poor clowns who love their job are getting negative reactions from everyone because they’re scared. Or ready to fight the first clown they see. These professional clowns are trying to earn a living, and now because of this trend this may not be possible. This is disgusting.

Police have started getting involved and are arresting any clowns they see on the street at night. Don’t be a wanker. It’s not worth it. I know that in Australia, there’s a Clown Hunting Facebook page and people are deliberately going out and searching for clowns. It probably isn’t a good idea but something is bound to happen. Yes it is dangerous and most of these clowns are harmless but it takes only one. Just one to end a life.

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There’s some speculation that it’s all a marketing scheme for the new movie ‘IT’. If this is true, a little too far guys? It seems like I’m in a real life horror movie. And if all my years of watching horror has taught me anything:

  • Don’t make stupid decisions
  • Never split up
  • Don’t confront the clown
  • Always have your phone charged
  • Don’t trip over when running away

If worse comes to worse, act crazier than the clown. Scream, flail your arms about and make weird noises. It might work. If not, good luck to you. I’m really hoping this trend ends soon because it’s just becoming annoying at this point. I feel sorry for the kids that want to dress up as clowns for Halloween. Their parents probably won’t let them because of all this.

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Someone’s going to get seriously hurt if this doesn’t stop. Normally, a few weeks is all it takes for the viral trend to fade. Let’s hope the same thing applies here. Stay safe everyone.

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