Trend or Trash: Cartoon Eyeliner


Welcome back to another episode of ‘Trend or Trash’; where you let us know your thoughts on the latest viral trends that are certainly turning heads.

Today’s trend: Cartoon Eyeliner 

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Though we aren’t sure who created the idea, we first noticed it on our gal, Perrie Edwards at Capital FM’s Summertime Ball, she looked absolutely incredible.

It was such a popular trend that Nikki Tutorials even did a video on it!

It’s perfect for any comic-crazed make up lover.

Comic con make up = sorted.

Personally, I think this trend could work, but for it to look good, you need to be able to already ace your liner to perfection and have a steady hand to draw the outline. It would be highly noticeable in contrast with the bright colour fill – if you have wobbly lines, it’s not gonna look great. I love the look in the pink like Perrie and a light blue colour.

What about you? Are you loving or loathing cartoon eyeliner? Vote on the poll below and be sure to give your opinion on other head-turning trends.

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