Are boutique gym’s worth the money or are regular gyms just as good?


Over the past couple of years exercising has become less of staying fit and more of a boast of ‘who’s got the best personal trainer or the best exercise outfits’ (this is shown through generally any celebrities Snapchat, e.g the Kardashians). Now there’s this trend to have the best trainers and have access to the best facilities money can buy, I take a look at the pros and cons to see if it’s worth splashing the cash.

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Of course, there will be more positives for paying extra, that’s a simple rule in life. You pay more you usually get better. Mostly, this boils down to what you do when you’re actually in the gym – if you want a bigger variety of equipment, more classes, more dynamic workouts and a personal instructor, a boutique gym is probably for you.

In the U.S Soul Cycle has become a highly popular new fitness company which has seen many celebrities joining the trend. However, with one 45 minute class setting you back $20 a piece, is it really worth the money?

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If all you want is a basic workout, paying out $$$ for facilities you won’t use is obviously a bad idea. Therefore, a basic gym membership in a normal gym is probably the best plan for those who will use only the general facilities. Using the treadmill, dumbells etc can be easily done in a basic gym. However, if you want more experienced trainers, more intense workouts and better facilities maybe a boutique gym is for you.

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Overall, it depends on what you want personally out of the gym. Whether it’s a basic workout or a full blown dynamic workout where you can get the full use of a boutique gym.

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