These are the best plus size ranges from your favourite high street brands


As a curvy queen, I know the struggle of finding good clothes that fit. For years, the plus sized ranges were pretty abysmal, but for some reason, it seems as though fashion brands are now embracing the different body types (finally, we’re not all the same shape and size, people!) and I am here for it. After a shopping spree and a worried bank account, I’ve done a lot of research (for your benefit, okay?) and found the best plus size ranges from high street brands.

United Kingdom

New Look Curves

New Look is one of the most loved high street brands in the UK. What’s great about all their clothing, including the plus size range, is that there’s something to suit all ages. While there’s a big appeal for teenagers and young adults, they also have some great choices for people of a more mature dress wear. The sizes are consistent in all the clothing, meaning if you’re a size 18 in one top, you’ll be a size 18 in all of the tops, which I find some brands have a big issue with consistent sizing.

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River Island

I am honestly so glad that River Island now has a plus size range. I remember in school that it was the brand that all the cool kids wore, but they didn’t have my size and I felt pretty left out. I’ve noticed in particular that the range does a lot of patterned clothing, which defies the whole “rule” of not wearing patterns over a certain size, which I think is amazing because any size can rock any pattern, so they should be on sale for us plus-sized princesses.

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United States

Forever 21

Forever 21’s plus size range has a diverse range of styles and clothing. They seem to be pretty up to date with the latest trends, meaning regardless of your shape and size, you can still rock the looks you love.

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What’s most admirable about this brand is that they have the same items in a size 10 as in a size 30! As well as diversity for sizes, there are clothing styles for a broad spectrum of age ranges, too; from teens and young adults to the more mature ages.

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Missguided is a widely loved online brand with a lot of famous faces being fans of the clothing, so shopping here means you know that the trends are highly popular. The brand is a big hit with teens and young people because of the fashion appeal living up to what social influencers and celebrities are wearing.

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ASOS Curve

ASOS has such a wide range, probably the biggest range out there for plus sizes. There’s a lot of choice for all occasions with varying price ranges. What’s also great is that there’s also a lot of accessories that are suited for plus size, too, such as jewellery, belts, etc.

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Similar to Missguided, Boohoo is great for teens and young people with regards to style and trends. Though they have some amazing clothes all round, I feel like formalwear and smart casual is what they excel in, in particular, the dresses for partywear, evening wear and even for prom.

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Shoutout to the fashion industry for creating more collections for different sizes. What are your favourite plus size brands? Make sure to let us know.

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