Celebrate Ashton Irwin’s 23rd birthday with some of his best tweets to date


It’s 5 Seconds of Summer’s Ashton Irwin’s 23rd birthday today! To celebrate, we’re sharing some of his words of wisdom through his best tweets.

1. Addressing the sass monsters

2. His love of music

3. Be strong

4. Be you

5. That damn pony shirt

6. When he had a biology lesson

7. Embracing his inner Peter Pan…

8. …and his inner Shrek

9. The strawberry/tomato fiasco


10. Belly buttons

11. God bless his mum

12. The DREAM

13. Admitting your problem is the first step

14. Are we angry at him?

15. Xbox

16. We’d NEVER judge you, Ash

17. Shivers….

18. Creepy dude

19. Outing Michael’s secret via song lyrics

20. Comfort (and a typo)

21. This encouragement

22. #5SOSFamily

23. Material World

Happy birthday, Ashton!

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